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Environmentality, 10th July 2013

Hello Environmentality listeners,

Jaime, Ahmed and Fola chatted to Cintia Gonzalez about upcycling. Cintia comes from a crafty family and has learnt how to sew and knit from her mother. Cintia has been blogging for the past 5 years.

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Upcycling is when something new is made from something old or something that might have been thrown away. Although its roots may have come from thriftiness, upcycling not only benefits your hip pocket but also the environment. By choosing to reuse, we are diverting waste from landfill and saving the water, energy and resources that would have gone into making new products.  

Upcycling is also great to develop and learn new skills. By creating your own products, you will be more likely to appreciate the time and skill required to make the product, hence more likely to value it and less likely to throw it away. You don’t need to have formal training to start, just interest! Start small and build up your skill set with each project. A good project to start with is decorating old jars and shoe boxes for storing things. Pinterest is great if you’re stuck for ideas as we were! You-tube is also fantastic if you’re looking to up-skill.

One of Cintia’s projects is a braided carpet made from 13 old t-shirts that have been worn out. Cut into strips, the t-shirts were braided and sew together. One of Cintia’s better known projects is the cross stitch chair that was fixed and covered in wool cross stitch pattern. The chair has been featured in international design websites and magazines.

Braided T-Shirt Rug, Courtesy of

For other projects and photo step to step guides, check out Cintia’s blog. You can also follow Cintia on twitter @mypoppetshop and instagram  

The joy Cintia attains from creating her own products is infectious and Cintia’s enthusiasm can clearly be shown through her work. To hear more about Cintia’s blog, her other projects, yoghurt container curtains and catch some of Cintia’s enthusiasm, listen to the podcast.

For more information about the Broadmeadows Bicycle Hub, click on Banksia Garden’s website.

The Environmental champions monthly social catch up meets the second Wednesday of every month from 6:30pm till 9pm at the Hume Global Learning Centre. For bookings and other events, go to or call 9205 2310 

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