Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Environmentality 28 September

Dear listeners,

Today we spoke to Claire Rayner, a volunteer with Wildlife Victoria. Claire told us about her roles as a volunteer carer, transporter and rescuer which she has been carrying out for many years. Wildlife Victoria is always in need of volunteers and they definitely could do with a few more in the northern suburbs of Melbourne.

In order to start collaborating with the organisation, prospective volunteers need to take part in some comprehensive training and, if they are planning to become carers, they also need to obtain a licence from the Department of Sustainability and Environment. There are training sessions coming up in October, so why don't you check out the dates?

But there is more to Claire than meets the eye! She combines her volunteer and paid roles at Wildlife Victoria with a busy life as a musician, currently as part of a band called Deja. So for a few minutes we abandoned our Environmental theme and we had a chat to Claire about her life as a musician, which was very interesting and quite refreshing! We got to play quite a bit of her music, a welcome break from our selection, which tends to be stuck in the 80's or 90's if we are lucky!

So, all in all, today's show was a great one despite a few difficulties. While Claire was stuck in we played some Australian music courtesy of AirIt - Amrap.

Unfortunately there is no podcast of the show due to some problems with the North West FM transmitter that should be fixed by next week!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Environmentality, 21 September 2011

After a five week break due to Jaime's holiday in Spain and unfortunately without Peter, who has moved to Benalla (good luck with the new live, Peter!) today we had the pleasure of sharing the Environmentality hour with Chris Cook, Nathan Wong and Tiffany Inglis, from Trust for Nature.

During the interview, we learned about this organisation that has protected more than 80,000 hectares of native vegetation in Victoria. This includes more than 1000 private properties protected by conservation covenants, 111 properties purchased by Trust for Nature (51 currently retained and 60 transferred to the Crown for inclusion in the reserve system); and 43 properties sold through the Revolving Fund.
Apart from talking about the organisation, we also learned a little bit about how Hadfield looked before it became the suburban area that it now is, thanks to Nathan's impressive knowledge about the local biodiversity.

Tiffany told us about a couple of events that are coming up and invited our listeners to join their Facebook Page. We have already Liked it, what are you waiting for?

Chris also brought quite a lot of top quality music that Smokey was able to include into his selection, so all in all it was another great show!

Listen to the show!
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