Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Environmentality 30 July 2014, Hume Environmental Champions

Caroline Overbeek, Environment Community Development Officer and Joe Poley, HumeUs Environmental Champion, joined us to talk about the Environmental Champions program.

Hume City Council's Environmental Champions program is now in its third year.  It is going from strength to strength, engaging community across the Hume catchment.

Joe very kindly shared his personal story of how becoming a Champion and meeting other Hume residents has given him a new lease on life.  Listen to the show to hear what Joe has to say.

Have a look at the Hume City Council website for more information on their Live Green FREE workshops, there are plenty of fantastic workshops to choose from.

Community projects play an important role in bringing people together.  There is always something going on that you can get involved with.

National Tree Day on 27 July had more than 4000 planting sites across Australia!  Why not get your family and friends together and find a site to clean up for Keep Australia Beautiful week 25 - 31 August or for an even bigger challenge World Car Free day is coming up in September!

You can also create your own community projects.  Because of the way we live, fenced away, hiding behind our front doors, so many people don't know their neighbours.

There are more and more people connecting with their neighbours by turning nature strips into communal gardens.  Sharing produce, garden tools, knowledge and making friends.

Music played on the show today were guest selections, thanks Joe!  Oh and one from Ahmed.

Cat Stevens, Where do the Children Play
Counting Crows, Big Yellow Taxi
The Joans, Tree Babies and
Saado Cali Warsame

I stumbled across a blog that some of you might find fun, a year in the life of that tree....

Next week on the show we have Alex Bhathal, Greens Member and Candidate Northern Metro

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