Friday, June 18, 2010

13th Show - Water

aired Wednesday 16 June at midday.

After our first attempt at a telephone interview a couple of weeks earlier, we were able to speak on the phone to our guest without any significant incidents, which was good. And even though Smokey was not looking after the panel, we seemed to do a decent job.

If we may say so, the show was extremely interesting, and all credit for this is due to our very knowledgeable guest, Anjali Brown from the Alternative Technology Association. Anjali works as Water Conservation Policy and Projects Manager. Some of the issues that we covered include ways to conserve water around the house, the price of water, water tanks, water restrictions and, of course, the questionable need for the desalination plant in Wonthaggi.

One of the take home messages from me if I properly understood what Anjali was saying is that rather than using one or two big tools (e.g. water restrictions, desalination plant) to try and solve the problem of water scarcity, the more sustainable solution will involve many small changes in the way we all use water, and that will require significant and ongoing investment in community education. By doing this the Alternative Technology Association believes it is possible to achieve their water conservation target of 100 litres per day per person.

And you got to hear:

What the World is Waiting For by The Stone Roses
Goin' to Mardi Gras by Professor Longhair and His Shuffling Hungarians
Friction by Television
The Water by Feist
Theme from Bullit by Wilton Felder

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

12th show - Sustainable Fawkner

aired Wednesday 9 June at midday.

On this day we were joined by two top blokes, Brian Bainbridge and Judd Bovell, who have started a local Environment Group called Sustainable Fawkner. Sustainable Fawkner was established in close connection with the principles of the Transition Towns movement, to provide a local response to the challenges of Climate Change and Peak Oil. The project is being developed in close collaboration with the Fawkner Community House.

We had a good chat with Brian and Judd and they were able to explain some of their fantastic plans for the future. A lot of their work will revolve around sustainable food production and they already have been organising some Food Produce Swaps (see dates below). The picture below was taken at their last food swap on the 12th of June.

The following food swaps will take place from 10am to 12 noon in front of the Fawkner Leisure Centre on the following dates:

- 10th July 2010
- 14th August 2010
- 11th September 2010
- 9th October 2010
- 13th November 2010.

So why don't you check them out? You can start by visiting their Facebook Page.

And you got to hear:

Black Flowers by Yo La Tengo
May you Never by John Martyn
Eid Ma Clack Shaw by Bill Callahan
The Harvest by Trey
On Coming From a Broken Home (part I) by Gill Scott-Heron

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11th Show - Alternative Technology Association

aired Wednesday 02 June 2010 at Midday.

It was our first telephone interview and it took us a while to get started, as Jaime was battling with the studio's talk-back tools. Luckily our guest, Craig Memery from the Alternative Technology Association, was very understanding.

Craig works as Energy Policy Advocate for the Alternative Technology Association and he was able to give us a good overview of the work undertaken by ATA in the energy sector.

We also had the opportunity of hear the ATA's view on what is currently being done by governments in response to Climate Change. Brief summary: They are not impressed!

A couple of days later, Craig delivered on his promise of sending us a list of upcoming events to put on this blog (see below):

- Our Hands Make Light Work (ATA IPG Fundraiser - June 17th 2010)
- Speed Dating with Sanctuary Magazine (July 17th 2)
- Designed for a Sustainable Future - Open House Day and Q&A Session in Castlemaine (July 24tg 2010)
- ATA 30th Birthday CelebrATAtion Quiz Night - August 19th @ Melbourne Bowls Club, Quiz Master Hilary Harper 774 ABC Local Radio, Tickets on sale July.

And you got to hear:

The History of Lovers by Iron and Wine with Calexico
Ne me Quitte Pas by Nina Simone (that was not intentional)
The Gardener by the Tallest Man on Earth
Giant Steps by John Coltrane
He lays in the reins by Iron and Wine with Calexico

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10th show - Moreland Energy Foundation

aired Wednesday 26 May 2010 at Midday.

To celebrate our 10th show we had the pleasure of speaking to Elle Morrell, who works as Training Coordinator with the Moreland Energy Foundation (also known as MEFL). Elle gave us an overview of the great work done by MEFL and she invited our Moreland listeners to take advantage of their Solar Hot Water Community Bulk Buy Program before it expires on the 30th of June 2010. So what are you waiting for?

And you got to hear:

What a Wonderful World by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds
Half-Life, Remembered by Pale Saint
On the Sky by Bamboos
A Century of Fakers by Belle & Sebastian
Central reservation by Beth Orton

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