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Environmentality 27 July 2011

Dear Environmentality listeners!

Today our studio guest was Amy Amato who is the Development Manager at Wildlife Victoria. After working in the tourism industry Amy became involved with Wildlife Victoria after the Black Saturday bushfire's when she assisted with the rescue of native animals injured by the fires. She commenced working for the organisation as the Marketing and Fundraising Manager.

Wildlife Victoria is a not for profit, volunteer based organisation that has been at the forefront of wildlife rescue and rehabilitation in Victoria since its formation in 1989. They provide a 24 hour, 7 day a week wildlife rescue and information service.

Anyone discovering an injured native animal can contact the Wildlife Victoria Emergency Phone Service on 13000 94535 or 13000 WILDLIFE (13 “000” WILDLIFE) to obtain assistance and Amy suggests people put this number in their mobile phone in case they need it. Calls are answered by a call centre which will assist getting the animal to a licensed wildlife shelter, foster carer or veterinarian. Typically the call centre takes 60,000 calls per year.

Wildlife Rescuers

Volunteers are a critical part of the organisation. After satisfactorily completing a one day training program anyone can become a volunteer rescuer. The next training day is in Melbourne on the 1st of October. The cost is $20 for non-members or $10 for members. Wildlife Victoria membership costs $30. Volunteers can nominate the times they would like to be available.

Being a self-funded non-profit donations are important to the financial survival of Wildlife Victoria. You can donate online and anyone able to donate on a regular monthly basis becomes a WildFriend. Another fund raising effort is Wildlife Victoria's association with Goodwill Wines who produce a vegan wine labelled with the Wildlife Victoria logo. Goodwill Wines are based in the Yarra Valley and 50% of the profit on sales goes to Wildlife Victoria. The wine can be ordered online.

An important activity of Wildlife Victoria is the Wildlife Education Program which has been designed for schools. The main purpose of the program is promoting a more harmonious way of living with the unique creatures that share this land with us.

In keeping with our tradition of playing some music selected by our guest Amy brought in the album of her friend Adam Dunning called Sunset Monkeys which has an environmental theme. Adam has a passion for wildlife conservation and he supports Wildlife Victoria. We had problems with one of the tracks but you can listen to the album online.

Music you heard today;

  1. One Note Samba by Stereolab
  2. Emma’s House by Field Mice
  3. Sunset Monkeys by Adam Dunning
  4. Cattle and Cane by The Go Betweens
  5. Mount Eliza by Adam Dunning

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And today we received a correct answer by SMS from a listener who will receive a couple of $10 gift vouchers from the EnviroShop.

Thank you to Amy for being on the show and telling us about the great work being done by Wildlife Victoria.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Environmentality 20 July 2011

Dear Environmentality listeners.

Environmentality is now available via internet streaming. Go to the North West FM home page for instructions on listening to the program online.

Our guest today was Simon Branigan from the Victorian National Parks Association. During the show Simon provided us with an insight into the VNPA and its activities. Simon is an experienced radio presenter having been involved with the Grass Roots Eco Radio show on Edge Radio 99.3 FM based at the University of Tasmania. From the hospitality industry Simon has worked his way up the environmental industry finally completing a Master’s Degree in Environmental Management.

The VNPA is 60 years old next year and is the oldest conservation group in Victoria. The group is an independent non-profit membership based organisation and its aim is to improve the protection and management of the natural environment in both marine and land based national parks. Although the main focus is marine national parks the group has a broad interest in protecting the natural environment. For instance the group has also been campaigning about alpine grazing.

VNPA performs a range of work including a bush walking and activities and campaigns protecting the natural environment. Simon’s main role is the marine environment and coasts and raising awareness of these natural environments. For instance he is looking at issues in Westernport Bay and Alcoa expansion at Anglesea.

The group is based in the 60L Green Building located in 60 Leicester Street Carlton near Victoria Market and employs about 19 people including part time staff.

Simon informed us that the south coast of Victoria has a unique and diverse marine environment having about 12,000 plant and animal species. This is larger than the marine environment we are more familiar with in Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef. Like land based environment’s marine environments are also threatened by invasive species such as the Northern Pacific Sea Star and Undaria Japanese Kelp in Port Philip Bay. Undaria has now infested Apollo Bay Harbour.

Every 3-4 years VNPA conducts a professionally based Nature Conservation Review in both land and marine environments which assesses environmental conditions and threats and proposes steps to be taken to protect these environments. A recent review was Protectig our Seas and Shores. Campaigns VNPA conducts are based on science. The groups structure is based on an executive director and board. Simon is involved with the Conservation Committee.

Recreational fishing was discussed and although marine parks are no take areas they are still available for certain water based activities. There is some evidence that marine parks support larger and more diverse marine populations and that there may be a spill over into areas outside the parks. There is a need for more marine parks.

Simon told us about a new VNPA website which can be used to explore Victoria's marine environment, without getting wet! The site provides information, photos, video and information about local environment groups for many Victorian marine sites.

On the VNPA website are fact sheets about a range of environmental issues with a particular emphasis on marine parks.

Anyone wishing for more information on VNPA campaigns can email VPNA also has available a Marine Action Pack which is filled with educational materials, a marine sticker, letter writing kit and postcards to help you become a marine defender and can be obtained at the same email or by phone on 03 9347 5188.

The show finished with a brief discussion of the political ramifications of the carbon tax.

You got to hear;

  1. My Baby Portable Player Sound by Pizzicato Five
  2. Swim by Madder Rose
  3. De-luxe by Lush
  4. Sugar Hiccup by Cocteau Twins
  5. Over and Over by Morcheeba

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Another great show. Thank you to Simon for all the information on our marine environment in particular and telling us about the VNPA. You need to listen to the show for all the details!

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Environmentality 13 July 2011

Dear Environmentality listeners.

Today we spoke to De Grebner who is project manager at TreeProject. TreeProject is a non-profit community organisation dedicated to revegetating the Victorian landscape with indigenous trees, shrubs and grasses. De explained to us how the organisation works with farmers, Landcare groups, park authorities, government authorities and hundreds of volunteers to grow and supply local indigenous plants.

TreeProject relies on volunteer growers to germinate and grow local indigenous plants to supply requests for plants from farmers and Landcare groups. The seeds are obtained from local seed banks.

The TreeProject commenced in 1986 when Maggie McLeod and her friend decided to do something for the environment. They saw trees as being a symbol of life for thousands of years and by propagating and planting them they could tackle many of today’s environmental problems. With the help of friends the first plantings took place in April 1989.
The group’s vision was to plant 1 million trees. Growing about 100,000 per year they estimate they have now planted 2.2 million. TreeProject provides plants in lots of 500 for $140 plus $30 for the cost of the seeds.
Registered volunteers grow the plants after receiving a kit. The kit is made up of seven foam fruit boxes that contain all the materials for growing around 350 seedlings. A kit can fit in a car boot and can be picked up at depots in Melbourne, Geelong and Bendigo. To grow the seedlings volunteers need to provide a nice sunny spot of about 2 square metres, preferably on a raised bench. Other than time, growers need to provide the water and daily care.

There are two growing seasons; the first round commences in late November with plants ready for planting in March while the second season commences late January producing plants ready for planting in June.

Please visit the TreeProject website for more details about the organisation and information about becoming a volunteer grower. To register as a volunteer email or phone 03 9650 9477.

The program finished with a short discussion about the carbon tax with the general feeling the tax was a reasonable start to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and tackling climate change.

Today our guest also provided a great selection of music for the show. You got to hear:

  1. Parakou by Angelique Kidjo
  2. Water Dragon by Circle of Rhythm
  3. Al likindoy by Miguel Angel Corte`s
  4. Gravity by Ricky Lee Jones
  5. The Wolf Sky by Wendy Rule

Our SMS question for today was “what organisation does our guest De Grebner come from?” Anyone texting the correct answer during the show to 0447 777 989 wins a $10 voucher to the EnviroShop. Answers can also be left on the blog.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Environmentality 6 July 2011

Dear Environmentality listeners.

Today we spoke to two guests from CERES Organic Market and Shop; Allison who is the Shop Manager and Kate who is the Market Manager.

Allison and Kate provided some general information about CERES. CERES stands for Centre for Education & Research in Environmental Strategies. It is a non-profit environment and education centre and urban farm located by the Merri Creek in East Brunswick, Melbourne. The Centre was built in the 1980’s on an old landfill site.

CERES plays a vital role in the local food network selling local organic produce harvested from its own organic gardens and other small sustainable growers within Victoria.

The Organic Market and Shop opening hours are;
Wednesday 9am-2pm
Saturday 9am-2pm
Friday 9am-2pm (mini market)
Wednesday 9am-2pm
Thursday 9am-5pm
Friday 9am-5pm
Saturday 9am-2pm

One program run by CERES is Fair Food which is based on a food host system for the ordering and delivery of organic produce. Orders are placed online and delivered to a local food host where you can pick up your order. Foods are organic, seasonal and local. To find out more click on the Fair Food link above or on the CERES home page.

In season at the moment are citrus and root vegetables. Heirloom varieties provide additional interest to the selection.

Jaime provided listeners with a question to win a $10 gift voucher from the EnviroShop. The question was “What are the names of today’s guests?” A correct reply by SMS to 0447 777 989 during the show wins a voucher.

Some coming events at CERES include;

  • A logo competition for the market and shop. This is running during July with the winner announced at CERES on Saturday 6th August. The winner receives a month’s supply of vegetables. The tag line for the logo is "Where Food Benefits Community".
  • July 20th, book launch, Permaculture Pioneers.
  • July 29th, film night at the Merri Restaurant & CafĂ©, Garbage Warriors.
  • There are also a range of festival celebrations including the The Autumn Harvest Festival and the Return of the Sacred Kingfisher Festival. Details.

Kate and Allison provided some insights into the benefits of organic farming and permaculture such as reducing soil impacts and localising the food system.

To finish the show Smokey provided some political commentary around the upcoming announcement of the federal government’s carbon tax legislation this Sunday.

Smokey also played a great selection of music. You got to hear;

  1. While you wait for the others by Grizzly Bear
  2. Science of fear by The Temper Trap
  3. Greatness and perfection of love by Julian Cope
  4. Letter by Dan Sutton
  5. Coach station reunion by Field Mice

Another informative show reminding us of the wonderful organisation that CERES is. Thank you to the EnviroShop for providing the $10 gift vouchers. Listen during future shows to win a voucher. Remember to click on the links to find out about CERES and products and services offered by the EnviroShop.

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