Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Environmentality 6 July 2011

Dear Environmentality listeners.

Today we spoke to two guests from CERES Organic Market and Shop; Allison who is the Shop Manager and Kate who is the Market Manager.

Allison and Kate provided some general information about CERES. CERES stands for Centre for Education & Research in Environmental Strategies. It is a non-profit environment and education centre and urban farm located by the Merri Creek in East Brunswick, Melbourne. The Centre was built in the 1980’s on an old landfill site.

CERES plays a vital role in the local food network selling local organic produce harvested from its own organic gardens and other small sustainable growers within Victoria.

The Organic Market and Shop opening hours are;
Wednesday 9am-2pm
Saturday 9am-2pm
Friday 9am-2pm (mini market)
Wednesday 9am-2pm
Thursday 9am-5pm
Friday 9am-5pm
Saturday 9am-2pm

One program run by CERES is Fair Food which is based on a food host system for the ordering and delivery of organic produce. Orders are placed online and delivered to a local food host where you can pick up your order. Foods are organic, seasonal and local. To find out more click on the Fair Food link above or on the CERES home page.

In season at the moment are citrus and root vegetables. Heirloom varieties provide additional interest to the selection.

Jaime provided listeners with a question to win a $10 gift voucher from the EnviroShop. The question was “What are the names of today’s guests?” A correct reply by SMS to 0447 777 989 during the show wins a voucher.

Some coming events at CERES include;

  • A logo competition for the market and shop. This is running during July with the winner announced at CERES on Saturday 6th August. The winner receives a month’s supply of vegetables. The tag line for the logo is "Where Food Benefits Community".
  • July 20th, book launch, Permaculture Pioneers.
  • July 29th, film night at the Merri Restaurant & CafĂ©, Garbage Warriors.
  • There are also a range of festival celebrations including the The Autumn Harvest Festival and the Return of the Sacred Kingfisher Festival. Details.

Kate and Allison provided some insights into the benefits of organic farming and permaculture such as reducing soil impacts and localising the food system.

To finish the show Smokey provided some political commentary around the upcoming announcement of the federal government’s carbon tax legislation this Sunday.

Smokey also played a great selection of music. You got to hear;

  1. While you wait for the others by Grizzly Bear
  2. Science of fear by The Temper Trap
  3. Greatness and perfection of love by Julian Cope
  4. Letter by Dan Sutton
  5. Coach station reunion by Field Mice

Another informative show reminding us of the wonderful organisation that CERES is. Thank you to the EnviroShop for providing the $10 gift vouchers. Listen during future shows to win a voucher. Remember to click on the links to find out about CERES and products and services offered by the EnviroShop.

Listen to the show!

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