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Environmentality 29 June 2011

Dear Environmentality listeners.

We had two guests on the show today. As the next edition of the Alternative Technology Associations magazine ReNew has just come off the press we caught up with the magazine’s editor Jacinta Cleary. We first spoke to Jacinta on the 20th of April.

Jacinta reminded us of how the ATA began following the first major oil crisis in the 1970’s. ATA has an emphasis on technology for sustainable homes and a greener environment. ATA produces two magazines; ReNew which has a focus on technology and Sanctuary which deals with sustainable homes.

This edition of ReNew magazine has a range of articles about technology and sustainability issues for the home. Some of the feature article’s we asked Jacinta about were; Fielding’s passing shot-the wind farm enquiry, 2020 tech: what’s coming next to lead the way in a low carbon world, a home insulation buyers guide, an update on the competition for ideas about recycling you CRT TV, and the mud brick circle house built using passive solar design principles.
All up this edition of ReNew has 11 feature articles plus a home hydronic heating special covering 12 pages. The regular features and advertising also provide a wealth of sustainable technology information.

Our second guest was Elliot Fishman from the Institute for Sensible Transport. The Institute grew out the hike in oil prices following Hurricane Katrina. The organisation hopes to stimulate a better debate about transport options and solutions to reduce the need for us to get in our cars.

One project Elliot told us about was working with local councils about dealing with increased costs associated with oil depletion. Councils can reduce the oil intensity of services delivered to the community such as waste collection and disposal, meals on wheels and transport. Some councils now purchase 4 cylinder cars over 6 and 8 cylinder ones.
Another project we spoke to Elliot about is public bike schemes. A key finding has been that users of the schemes tend to be people who are walking rather than car users. The incentive needs to be there to encourage use by car users. And it is politically difficult for government to encourage bike use over car use.
Elliot also provided some insights into Melbourne’s transport system including the idea for a train service to the airport.
As Smokey was not able to be at the show today Jaime looked after the music selection with another great selection from his jazz collection.
You got to hear:

  1. Bird Land by Weather Report
  2. My Song by Keith Jarrett
  3. Pianola Roll by Dave Graney
  4. Stay, Please Stay by Oh Mercy

Another very informative show. Find more information about today’s guests and their organisations by clicking on the links in the above text.
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