Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Environmentality 22 June 2011

Dear Environmentality listeners.

We had another interesting show today. Prior to interviewing today's guest Smokey told us about some of his thoughts about his recent trip to Bali from an environmental perspective.

We also took the opportunity before our guest rang the studio to interview two students from the Craigieburn Secondary School who happened to be visiting the studio. We spoke to Ben Leavey and Ben Chambers and after introducing themselves they answered a few questions about environmental sustainability. From their answers to these questions we felt the students had a very informed view of environmental issues and knowledge of possible solutions.

Our principal guest for today was Travis Scicchitano who is the Woodlands Project Officer from Conservation Volunteers Australia.

Woodlands Historical Park is in Greenvale near Tullamarine Airport and Travis explained how he has been restoring the park in preparation for the re-introduction of the Eastern-Barred Bandicoot to the park.

By 1991 the bandicoot was on the brink of extinction through habitat loss (for agriculture and development) and predation by introduced foxes and cats. In preparation for the release of 50 Bandicoots from a breeding program into Woodlands, Conservation Volunteers and Hume City Council have been removing weeds, replanting natives and fencing the Woodlands site.

Anyone wishing to volunteer to assist with the program can do so by attending Woodlands on a Thursday. Contact the West Melbourne office at 162 Aderley St, WEST MELBOURNE VIC 3003, Phone 03 9326 8250 or email for details.

Travis also told us about another project he has been involved with at Conservation Volunteers; Green Gym. The Green Gym Project is based on the idea that volunteering for activities in Parks is a great form of exercise and also is a social activity and an opportunity to learn new skills and knowledge about the natural environment. As Travis mentioned we use three times more energy standing up than sitting down.

With Smokey back on deck today Jaime only got to play one more Jazz track from his Jazz collection.

You got to hear;

Round Midnight from the George Russell Sextet

Sensitive by The Field Mice

Children of The Revolution by T-Rex

From the Flagstones by the Cocteau Twins

I walk the Line by Johnny Cash.

Listen to the show!

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