Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Environmentality 15 June 2011

Dear Environmentality listeners.

Today we spoke to Cate Lawrence from Green Renters. Cate and her partner started the organisation some years ago after finding there was little information available to assist people in rented accommodation live more sustainably.

The organisation delivers workshops, runs projects and the website is full of tips, tutorials, product reviews and inspiring stories, all specifically geared to renters.

Some upcoming workshops include Living Sustainably in Rental Accommodation (June 29), a Green Renting Workshop (June 30) and DIY Natural Cleaning (October 22).

In 2007 Cate also launched Polka Dot Rabbit which represents Cate's creative side where she reclaims once loved items, recreating them to be loved all over again.

As we waited for Cate to arrive at the studio Jaime began the show by mentioning the opening of the Hume Eco Living Centre at Banksia Gardens Community Centre last Wednesday which is why we did not have a show last week.

The Centre has been built using environmentally sustainable principles including passive solar design and has transformed the facilities at Banksia. The following photos show how the centre has been transformed.



Jaime at opening ceremony

Uncle Stan performing traditional opening.

Some external and internal views of the centre.

As Smokey is away in Bali Jaime did a great job looking after the music for today’s show. We got to hear a track from Kat Lavers the guest on our previous show two weeks ago and also one from Cate our guest today along with some great jazz from Jaime's collection.

You got to hear;

  1. Six Seasons Rap by Ilan Abrahams (Selected by Kat Lavers our previous guest)
  2. Meet B.B. by Count Basie and his orchestra
  3. So What by Miles Davis
  4. Golden Brown by The Stranglers (Selected by Cate)
  5. My favourite things by John Coltrane
Another great show providing some great information from an organisation dedicated to sustainable green renting. Listen to the show!

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