Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Apologies to listeners

Today we had a number of cancellations so the show didn't happen, sorry about that.

We will be will be back in full force next week, with a special guest lined up and plenty of good environmentality content planned!

Also, we have now uploaded all of the past weeks' programs so be sure to download them

Stay tuned...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Iramoo: eco-living centre in Melbourne's west

Today Environmentality spent the hour with Colin Hocking, research fellow with faculty of Health, Engineering & Science at Victoria University, and convener of the Iramoo Sustainable Community Centre in St Albans. Some highlights of our conversation with Colin was his insights on Melbourne's natural environment, and the challenges in trying to bring back native local vegetation - such as the grasses and wildflowers - to the fragmented patches of land that exist in the area today.

Colin also also talked about his work with engaging with people in the western suburbs who are interested in the environment and living more sustainably. Some elements of Iramoo's work included community gardens, school excursions, re-vegetation sessions, and workshops with Brunswick council. We also talked about some of the native local 'bush foods', that we may be missing out on as tasty additions to out diet.

Colin also brought in 2 songs to play on the show, the first being 'Plains' by George Winston. The second was 'Horsey' by Legless Lizards - a band involved with Iramoo.

Other songs that got a play were:

'Nowhere fast' by The Smiths
'Powderfinger' by Neil Young & Crazy Horse
'All I want' by Sarah Blasko

Find out about Iramoo here or phone them on 9919 2815

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

October 13th - Greg Thorpe from CERES

This week witnessed the return of Smokey, accompanied by Environmentality stalwart Jaime. During the show they spoke to Greg Thorpe about his work as the volunteers coordinator at CERES environmental park.

After calming Greg's nerves - he was in unfamiliar territory on radio - we found out about the progression of CERES from a reclaimed Brunswick tip to the thriving environmental education centre it is today. Among many other things, Greg mentioned the impressive statistic of around 70,000 visits per year from school students, and how this allowed this CERES program to operate in financial autonomy.

Stay tuned for next week's broadcast.

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

6th October - Editor of ReNew magazine

Today Jaime found himself hosting the show by himself; the time had come for him to prove his mettle without the usual guidance of his radio flunkies. Not one to shy away from a challenge, he went straight to work interviewing Jacinta Cleary from Alternative Techonology Association (ATA) and the editor of ReNew Magazine. They spoke, amongst other things, about Jacinta's work with the 'Green Landlords' program, which recognises landlords who have made exceptional efforts to 'green' their rental properties.

The second guest was Charmaine Chew, Community Engagement Coordinator for Victoria Walks. She spoke about the work of Victoria Walks in promoting walking amongst the community, and the incredible benefits this simple activity can have on health and well-being. Charmaine also told us about Victoria Walk's role as an advocate for favourable walking conditions in Victoria, by undertaking actvities such as lobbying local council for traffic speed restrictions, more park benches and generally promoting walking.

Songs played included:

'Don't panic' by Coldplay
'Hold on My heart' by Australian Artist Sarah Blasko

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