Wednesday, October 6, 2010

6th October - Editor of ReNew magazine

Today Jaime found himself hosting the show by himself; the time had come for him to prove his mettle without the usual guidance of his radio flunkies. Not one to shy away from a challenge, he went straight to work interviewing Jacinta Cleary from Alternative Techonology Association (ATA) and the editor of ReNew Magazine. They spoke, amongst other things, about Jacinta's work with the 'Green Landlords' program, which recognises landlords who have made exceptional efforts to 'green' their rental properties.

The second guest was Charmaine Chew, Community Engagement Coordinator for Victoria Walks. She spoke about the work of Victoria Walks in promoting walking amongst the community, and the incredible benefits this simple activity can have on health and well-being. Charmaine also told us about Victoria Walk's role as an advocate for favourable walking conditions in Victoria, by undertaking actvities such as lobbying local council for traffic speed restrictions, more park benches and generally promoting walking.

Songs played included:

'Don't panic' by Coldplay
'Hold on My heart' by Australian Artist Sarah Blasko

Listen to this show!

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