Wednesday, December 1, 2010

1st December - Environmentality 'summer show'

G'day Environmentality listeners.

Today was a great show for Environmentality -- one of our most seamless in weeks. We spent the show talking to Greg Hunt, who is the Executive Officer of the South East Climate Change Alliance (SECCA). Greg talked about the role of SECCA working with eight local councils throughout Melbourne's south-east in order to develop a regional response to Climate Change.

Some highlights included Greg's work with dairy producers in Victoria to improve their resource efficiency, reducing energy, water, and landfill waste by 10-15%. Greg also mentioned SECCA's work in urban municipalities, such as the sustainable public lighting program, and a pilot program to drastically increase heating and cooling efficiency--which is a massive energy user in most households.

The topic of climate change deniers (e.g. notorious Herald Sun columnist Andrew Bolt) was also covered. Greg pointed out that these people are often motivated not by any serious skepticism; but rather a need to defend polluting industries and the status quo in society. Greg argued there will of course be short-term costs involved in transforming to a low-carbon economy, but these are infinitesimal compared to the medium to long-term environmental and economic costs of not addressing climate change.

You can download this weeks show under 'get the podcasts'. We apologise if the past few weeks shows were somewhat dull, and can assure you that we have great guests lined up for the next few weeks thanks to our new production assistant Alicia. See you again next week!

Song played today were:

'How I learned to love the bomb' by the TV Personalities
'Noise of carpet' by Stereolab
'Keith Street' by Melbourne band Oh Mercy
'Cattle and Cane' by the Go Betweens

Check out the work of SECCA here -

Listen to the show!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Apologies to listeners

Today we had a number of cancellations so the show didn't happen, sorry about that.

We will be will be back in full force next week, with a special guest lined up and plenty of good environmentality content planned!

Also, we have now uploaded all of the past weeks' programs so be sure to download them

Stay tuned...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Iramoo: eco-living centre in Melbourne's west

Today Environmentality spent the hour with Colin Hocking, research fellow with faculty of Health, Engineering & Science at Victoria University, and convener of the Iramoo Sustainable Community Centre in St Albans. Some highlights of our conversation with Colin was his insights on Melbourne's natural environment, and the challenges in trying to bring back native local vegetation - such as the grasses and wildflowers - to the fragmented patches of land that exist in the area today.

Colin also also talked about his work with engaging with people in the western suburbs who are interested in the environment and living more sustainably. Some elements of Iramoo's work included community gardens, school excursions, re-vegetation sessions, and workshops with Brunswick council. We also talked about some of the native local 'bush foods', that we may be missing out on as tasty additions to out diet.

Colin also brought in 2 songs to play on the show, the first being 'Plains' by George Winston. The second was 'Horsey' by Legless Lizards - a band involved with Iramoo.

Other songs that got a play were:

'Nowhere fast' by The Smiths
'Powderfinger' by Neil Young & Crazy Horse
'All I want' by Sarah Blasko

Find out about Iramoo here or phone them on 9919 2815

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

October 13th - Greg Thorpe from CERES

This week witnessed the return of Smokey, accompanied by Environmentality stalwart Jaime. During the show they spoke to Greg Thorpe about his work as the volunteers coordinator at CERES environmental park.

After calming Greg's nerves - he was in unfamiliar territory on radio - we found out about the progression of CERES from a reclaimed Brunswick tip to the thriving environmental education centre it is today. Among many other things, Greg mentioned the impressive statistic of around 70,000 visits per year from school students, and how this allowed this CERES program to operate in financial autonomy.

Stay tuned for next week's broadcast.

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

6th October - Editor of ReNew magazine

Today Jaime found himself hosting the show by himself; the time had come for him to prove his mettle without the usual guidance of his radio flunkies. Not one to shy away from a challenge, he went straight to work interviewing Jacinta Cleary from Alternative Techonology Association (ATA) and the editor of ReNew Magazine. They spoke, amongst other things, about Jacinta's work with the 'Green Landlords' program, which recognises landlords who have made exceptional efforts to 'green' their rental properties.

The second guest was Charmaine Chew, Community Engagement Coordinator for Victoria Walks. She spoke about the work of Victoria Walks in promoting walking amongst the community, and the incredible benefits this simple activity can have on health and well-being. Charmaine also told us about Victoria Walk's role as an advocate for favourable walking conditions in Victoria, by undertaking actvities such as lobbying local council for traffic speed restrictions, more park benches and generally promoting walking.

Songs played included:

'Don't panic' by Coldplay
'Hold on My heart' by Australian Artist Sarah Blasko

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Reports of our death greatly exaggerated

Really, we are still ticking but have another late cancellation tomorrow... argh!!! V.frustrating.

But after that, we've got lots of interviews lined up, a new presenter to replace Josh, and the return of Stephen. September's been a washout but October will be happening; stay tuned.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The No Show

We're very sorry to announce that today's show is cancelled due to illness in the Family Environmentality. :<(

Saturday, September 11, 2010

show twenty-odd, aired 8th Sep

Jaime was a late cancellation, so we just had Smokey and Josh for his last show before heading back to England.

All coherence pretty much went out the door with Jaime, but we spun some groovy tunes, mostly selected by the young bloke & we had a bit of a chat about appropriate books. A few I can remember getting a mention include:
Silent Spring by Rachel Carson
A book from the eighties by David Suzuki, can't remember the title, and,
The Skeptical Environmentalist by Bjørn Lomborg
Then we ran out of time.

Music was good though:
Grizzly Bear played Two weeks
Otouto played W. Hillier
Ben Lee played Cigarettes will kill you
Menomena played Wet & rustling
Bis played Eurodisco
Parades played Past times
British India played Beneath the satellites
and Tim Rogers & the Twin Set played a song I forgot to write down!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

23rd Show - Election rundown and a new hour-long format!

aired Wednesday 25 August at midday.

This week we were without a guest, so we decided to have a chit-chat about the election results and what they could mean for the environmental issues that are discussed on the program. We also enjoyed the luxury of an extra ten-minutes to squeeze in a couple of extra songs. So, that should be all the more incentive to tune in live next week on 98.9 North West FM.

And you got to hear:
Letter From a Lifeboat by Sugargliders
Brainville by Flaming Lips
Summer Here Kids by Grandaddy
Perfect by Smashing Pumpkins
Speeding Motorcycle by Daniel Johnson and Yo La Tengo
Everybody's Been Burned by Sebadoh

Listen to the show!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

22nd Show - Election Special (Part 2 of 2)

aired Wednesday 18 August at midday.

The election theme continued into this show and everyone was happy to welcome standing member for Wills and ALP candidate Kelvin Thompson to the show. Jaime and Smokey quizzed Kelvin on several topics and, much like the week before, he had a little time to tell you all about himself.

Listen to the show!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

21st Show - Election Special (part 1 of 2)

aired Wednesday 11 August at midday.

Last week was supposed to be the first show of a political triple header, but unfortunately the Liberal candidate for Wills couldn't join us. This week we had no such problems and were joined in the studio by Mark Riley - the Green Party candidate for Wills in the upcoming federal election.

Mark told us a little about himself, answered questions on several issues - mainly related to the environment - and picked us a track to play too. The show was a fantastic opportunity to learn more about Mark and to educate any potential voters in the area of Wills. Next week you'll have the same chance with Kelvin Thompson, standing member and ALP candidate for Wills.

And you got to hear:
Always tell the voter what the voter wants to hear by Chumbawamba
Apple tree by Hazel Brown
Gurrumul History (I Was Born Blind) by Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu
Diceman by The fall

Listen to the show!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

20th Show - The Recap Show

aired Wednesday 4 August at midday.

This show was scheduled as the first of a heavyweight political triple-header, but due to a last minute cancellation from our guest we were forced to reassess.

It was decided that our 20th show was the perfect chance to recap on the shows and guests so far. Acting like a directory of environmental action locally and further afield, this show is a perfect chance to get into the show as a first time podcaster or to find out which other podcasts would be most interesting to you!

And you got to hear:

Theme From Get Carter by Stereolab
Sunday by Customkings
Wake Up Boo! by The Boo Radleys
Might Aswell Be Dumbo by The High Llamas
Stillness Is The Move by Dirty Projectors
Monday Morning 5:19 by Rialto

Listen to the show!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Vote 1: Environmentality

Environmentality is off to the polls over the next few weeks.

Current member for Wills and Labor candidate, Kelvin Thompson, is coming in on the 18th. Greens candidate for Wills, Mark Riley, will be on the 11th. We are expecting the Greens candidate for Calwell, Lenka Thompson to join us and are trying to confirm the time. Other major candidates were invited but were not available or didn’t reply.

So, it will be gloves off as we tackle the pollies… I’ll be channelling my inner Tony Jones, Josh is going for Kerry O’Brien, Stephen is an excellent fit for Laurie Oakes and Jaime (who has a track record with female impersonation) will become Leigh Sales.

Should be fun!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

19th Show - Merri Creek

aired Wednesday 28 July at midday.

The focus was once again very local for this show and we thoroughly enjoyed having another very interesting guest. This week it was Angela Foley from the Merri Creek Management Committee. She talked us through the creek's history, the role of the committee, recent successful programs and much more.

It seems that education is the key aim of the committee and you can educate yourself far more about the creek and how to conserve it by listening to this podcast!

And you got to hear:

Trains Across The Sea by The Silver Jews
I Just Wanna Be Your Friend by Ben Wells & The Middle Names
Sing About Life by Tiddas & Archie Roach

Listen to the show!

18th Show - Solar in East Timor

aired Wednesday 21 July at midday.

We braved the ever temperamental phone lines to contact Anton Vikstrom from the Alternative Technology Association. He works as the International Projects Coordinator for the ATA. Between some informative conversation on the ATA's projects to get solar power systems installed in remote conurbations of East Timor, we had fantastic music once again.

If you find the content of this show motivating and inspiring be sure to contact Anton about donations or volunteering - details within the podcast.

And you got to hear:

King Of Spain by The Tallest Man On Earth
Hidden Charms by Lisa Miller
In It For The Money by Supergrass
The Fox In The Snow by Belle & Sebastian
I Get A Kick Out Of You by Esquirel

Listen to the show!

17th Show - Alternative Energy & Poetry!

aired Wednesday 14 July at midday.

For this show we were joined by Andrea Bunting, a senior lecturer in the Engineering department of RMIT and knowledgeable source of all things alternative energy sources.

Jaime and Steven in particular discussed with her the benefits and drawbacks of alternative sources. After this we all got to hear Andrea's superb politically and environmentally motivated poetry, backed by some very gentle ukulele. As usual, Smokey provided some great tunes to glue the show together.

And you got to hear:

You Don't Scare Me by Josh Pyke
Radio by Teenage Fanclub
Started Out Fine by Holly Near and Ronnie Gilbert

Listen to the show!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

16th Show - CarrotMob Melbourne

aired 7 July at midday.

On this show we spoke to Helen from the Melbourne branch of worldwide phenomenon CarrotMob. We learnt lots about consumer power and Helen discussed with us the current and future aims of the 'mob'.

Here is a video explaining the CarrotMob model:

It's a great, postive and forward thinking initiatve and one in which you, and all your friends, can easily get involved. You can start by following the Melbourne CarrotMob Twitter feed.

And you got to hear:

Monday Morning 5:19 by Rialto
Vulture Culture by Flying Foxes
Gary Gilmore's Eyes by The Adverts
Days Are Over by Gosling
My Little Red Book by Love

Listen to the show!

15th Show - Biodiversity

aired on 30th June at midday.

On this show Jaime, Smokey and Josh took some time to discuss the wonders of Australian biodiversity. Jaime talked about some great places to spot Melbourne's hugely varying species of animals, insects and fauna. Also, Smokey gave us a great tip on Kangaroo spotting only minutes away from the airport.

There was still some time leftover to reveal Australia's importance in supporting varying ecosystems; great dinner party facts!

And you got to hear:

Fluorescences by Stereolab
Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap
Joy by The Lightning Seeds
La La by Juzzie Smith

Listen to the show!

14th Show - Hume City Council Questions

aired 23rd June at midday.

This show gave the boys the chance to chat with 2 representatives from Hume City Council's Sustainable Environment department, Bernardette Thomas and Natalia Valenzuela. We got to hear about the Council's commitments on local environmental issues and the range of areas that the department covers.

This is a must listen for anyone wishing to hear more about environmental issues and targets in the Hume area!

And you got to hear:

Happy City by Steven Cummings
Hand In Glove by The Smiths
Here Comes The Sun by Nina Simone
All I Want by Sarah Blasko
Living Room by Broadcast

Friday, June 18, 2010

13th Show - Water

aired Wednesday 16 June at midday.

After our first attempt at a telephone interview a couple of weeks earlier, we were able to speak on the phone to our guest without any significant incidents, which was good. And even though Smokey was not looking after the panel, we seemed to do a decent job.

If we may say so, the show was extremely interesting, and all credit for this is due to our very knowledgeable guest, Anjali Brown from the Alternative Technology Association. Anjali works as Water Conservation Policy and Projects Manager. Some of the issues that we covered include ways to conserve water around the house, the price of water, water tanks, water restrictions and, of course, the questionable need for the desalination plant in Wonthaggi.

One of the take home messages from me if I properly understood what Anjali was saying is that rather than using one or two big tools (e.g. water restrictions, desalination plant) to try and solve the problem of water scarcity, the more sustainable solution will involve many small changes in the way we all use water, and that will require significant and ongoing investment in community education. By doing this the Alternative Technology Association believes it is possible to achieve their water conservation target of 100 litres per day per person.

And you got to hear:

What the World is Waiting For by The Stone Roses
Goin' to Mardi Gras by Professor Longhair and His Shuffling Hungarians
Friction by Television
The Water by Feist
Theme from Bullit by Wilton Felder

Listen to this show!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

12th show - Sustainable Fawkner

aired Wednesday 9 June at midday.

On this day we were joined by two top blokes, Brian Bainbridge and Judd Bovell, who have started a local Environment Group called Sustainable Fawkner. Sustainable Fawkner was established in close connection with the principles of the Transition Towns movement, to provide a local response to the challenges of Climate Change and Peak Oil. The project is being developed in close collaboration with the Fawkner Community House.

We had a good chat with Brian and Judd and they were able to explain some of their fantastic plans for the future. A lot of their work will revolve around sustainable food production and they already have been organising some Food Produce Swaps (see dates below). The picture below was taken at their last food swap on the 12th of June.

The following food swaps will take place from 10am to 12 noon in front of the Fawkner Leisure Centre on the following dates:

- 10th July 2010
- 14th August 2010
- 11th September 2010
- 9th October 2010
- 13th November 2010.

So why don't you check them out? You can start by visiting their Facebook Page.

And you got to hear:

Black Flowers by Yo La Tengo
May you Never by John Martyn
Eid Ma Clack Shaw by Bill Callahan
The Harvest by Trey
On Coming From a Broken Home (part I) by Gill Scott-Heron

Listen to this show!

11th Show - Alternative Technology Association

aired Wednesday 02 June 2010 at Midday.

It was our first telephone interview and it took us a while to get started, as Jaime was battling with the studio's talk-back tools. Luckily our guest, Craig Memery from the Alternative Technology Association, was very understanding.

Craig works as Energy Policy Advocate for the Alternative Technology Association and he was able to give us a good overview of the work undertaken by ATA in the energy sector.

We also had the opportunity of hear the ATA's view on what is currently being done by governments in response to Climate Change. Brief summary: They are not impressed!

A couple of days later, Craig delivered on his promise of sending us a list of upcoming events to put on this blog (see below):

- Our Hands Make Light Work (ATA IPG Fundraiser - June 17th 2010)
- Speed Dating with Sanctuary Magazine (July 17th 2)
- Designed for a Sustainable Future - Open House Day and Q&A Session in Castlemaine (July 24tg 2010)
- ATA 30th Birthday CelebrATAtion Quiz Night - August 19th @ Melbourne Bowls Club, Quiz Master Hilary Harper 774 ABC Local Radio, Tickets on sale July.

And you got to hear:

The History of Lovers by Iron and Wine with Calexico
Ne me Quitte Pas by Nina Simone (that was not intentional)
The Gardener by the Tallest Man on Earth
Giant Steps by John Coltrane
He lays in the reins by Iron and Wine with Calexico

Listen to this show!

10th show - Moreland Energy Foundation

aired Wednesday 26 May 2010 at Midday.

To celebrate our 10th show we had the pleasure of speaking to Elle Morrell, who works as Training Coordinator with the Moreland Energy Foundation (also known as MEFL). Elle gave us an overview of the great work done by MEFL and she invited our Moreland listeners to take advantage of their Solar Hot Water Community Bulk Buy Program before it expires on the 30th of June 2010. So what are you waiting for?

And you got to hear:

What a Wonderful World by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds
Half-Life, Remembered by Pale Saint
On the Sky by Bamboos
A Century of Fakers by Belle & Sebastian
Central reservation by Beth Orton

Listen to this show!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

9th show - reality radio

aired Wednesday 19 May 2010 at Midday.

Since we had no guests on the show today, Jaime decided to test his co-hosts' knowledge of climate change in what he named the Climate Master Competition. Smokey and Stephen felt the heat during the show as they had to compete to stay on the show and avoid elimination.

In the end Stephen prevailed by a relatively slim margin but both contestants performed so well that Jaime decided to keep them on the show at least for a few more weeks.

The quiz was an opportunity to provide a bit of information about some aspects of Climate Change. Interested listeners / readers can access the quiz by clicking here. Not that we copied anything :).

On the show we also mentioned the World Resources Institute and the powerful it produces called CAIT (Climate Analysis Indicators Tool).

And you got to hear:

Michelle Shocked perform 5am in Amsterdam
Morcheeba perform The Sea
Elliott Smith perform Let's Get Lost
The Fall perform Garden

Listen to this show!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

8th show - sharing is caring

aired Wednesday 12 May 2010 at Midday.

Would you like to organise a monthly movie night in your neighbourhood? Do you need a wheelbarrow or some tools but feel it would be silly to buy them to use them only once? Would you like to get to know people in your local area better? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you should have been listening to our show!

We had a great chat about an innovative movement based in Melbourne called The Sharehood. To learn about it we spoke to Michael Green, a freelance journalist who specialises in environmental, social and community issues. Michael is also a committee member of The Sharehood. One of the great things about The Sharehood is that you can start one anywhere in the World, using the same website!

For more information about Michael, do check out his website.

And you got to hear:

Bob Marley perform War
LA Freeway by Guy Clark
Grave Architecture by Pavement
Bobby McFerrin perform From Me to You

Listen to this show!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

7th show - pedal power

aired Wednesday 5 May 2010 at Midday.

We talked about the most efficient self-powered means of transportation according to the Scientific American Magazine, the bicycle!

Stephen, a proud member of the Hume Bicycle User Group (BUG), talked to us about the group and their activities. We also had a lively discussion about the benefits of cycling (probably slightly biased, as we all ride to work regularly) and we mentioned a couple of organisations worth getting to know about if you are planning to get rid of the dust on your bike and start using it:

Bicyle Victoria -
Moreland Bicycle User Group (BUG) -

And you got to hear:

The Fall perform Container Drivers
Sebadoh perform Everybody's Been Burned
18 Wheeler perform Steel Guitars
Louis Armstrong and his Hot Seven perform Willie the Weeper
Hannah & The Public Display of Rhythm perform Thursday Morning

Listen to this show

Thursday, April 29, 2010

6th Show

...aired Wednesday 28 April 2010 at Midday.

This show was dedicated to energy efficiency around the home. Our guest for the day was Cameron Crome, who works as an Energy Worker at Kildonan Uniting Care. Cameron proved to be a fountain of knowledge and gave us many useful tips to save money while reducing our impact on the environment.

In case you don't remember everything he said, Cameron was kind enough to give us a list of top efficiency tips around your home that you can download here.

A few hours after our show, Cameron was taking part in an Air Guitar competition which we have no doubt he must have won!

And you got to hear:
The Pixies perform Here comes your man
Honeybunch perform Wlking into walls
Raah Project perform Trick of the light
Cornelius perform Freefall
The Passions perform I'm in love with a German filmstar

Listen to this show!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

5th Show

...aired Wednesday 21 April 2010 at Midday.

We explored the wonderful topic of "community gardens", and we were lucky enough to have Ben Neil, President of the Australian City Farms and Community Garden Network and former CEO of Cultivating Community . Not bad for our first interviewee hey? Starting from the basic definition of "community garden", Ben covered the motivations, benefits and main characteristics of community gardens.

In order to keep true to our principle of "keeping the program real", we also went through a list of community gardens in the Hume and Moreland areas so that our listeners can get their hand dirty. Feel free to download the list by clicking on the list below, and do let us know if you know of other gardens that need to be added. You can do so by emailing Jaime.

List of Community Gardens in Hume and Moreland.

And you got to hear:
St Ettienne perform Let's kiss and make up
Frente perform What's come over me?
Divine Comedy perform Commuter love
Stereolab perform Pack yr romantic mind

Listen to this show!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

4th show...

...aired Wednesday 14 April 2010 at Midday.

We had a quick look at a host of energy saving ideas around the home, that can save you money whilst reducing the old carbon footprint: energy efficient lighting, the evils of stand-by appliances, insulation (ooh, controversial!), solar hot water, & more! Jaime was much inspired by the
Moreland Energy Foundation's range of fact sheets.

And you got to hear:
Mary Lou Lord perform His indie world
The Flaming Lips perform Mr. ambulance driver
The Widdershins perform Now you know
Cat Power perform Satisfaction
Bob Dylan perform I want you

Listen to this show!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

3rd show...

...aired Wednesday 7 April 2010 at Midday.

We had a chat about a few groovy organisations in our area that are worth taking a look at, and that we hope to chat to in the weeks to come:
Cultivating Community
Merri Creek Management Committee (Website wasn't mentioned during the show!)
Moonee Ponds Coordinating Committee
Alternative Technology Association (ATA)
Hume City Council
Banksia Gardens Community Centre

And you got to hear:
Stereolab perform Wow & Flutter
The Go Betweens perform Cattle & Cane
Love perform Maybe the People Would Be the Times or Between Clark and Hilldale
The Smiths perform Ask
Xavier Rudd perform Shelter

Listen to this show!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

2nd show...

...aired Wednesday 31 March 2010 at Midday.

We briefly covered the big issues on environment from climate change to eutrophication...

And you got to hear:
Tracey Thorn perform Plain Sailing
Joy Division perform Atmosphere
Death Cab for Cutie perform Summer skin
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds perform Into my arms
Billy Bragg perform Walk away Renee

Listen to this show!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

First show...

...aired Wednesday 24 March 2010 at Midday.

We had a bit of a chat about us, about what it might be to have an environmentality.

You got our take on Earth Hour, which was due the following weekend, and on the Melbourne leg of the World Naked Bike Ride, which in the true spirit of gonzo journalism one of your hosts did partake.

Last but not least, you got to hear:
Stereolab perform Get Carter
Sleater Kinney perform Words & guitar
Dave Graney perform Night of the wolverine
Big Star perform Thirteen
Yo La Tengo perform Center of gravity
The Tenderfoot perform Still holding my stomach in
The Go Betweens perform Was there anything I could do?
El Viaje de las Flores perform No te estoy mintiendo

Listen to the show (without music unfortunately)

Welcome to Environmentality

Dear bloggers,

Welcome to the blog of Environmentality, the latest radio show on 98.9 North West FM, a community radio station broadcasting from Melbourne, Australia.

Environmentality aims to be a light show with a strong environmental theme and with plenty of music to keep the planet cool!

The program goes to air every Wednesday at 12:00pm and is hosted by Smokey and Jaime. A third partner in crime, Stephen, will join us soon.

The show is part of an environmental behaviour change program called Banksia Eco Warriors, led by Banksia Gardens Community Centre and funded by the Victorian Government.

This blog will give us another opportunity to interact with our audience and in it we will try to provide as much information about our shows as possible (e.g. topics covered, people interviewed, tracks played). We will welcome as many comments as possible, as long as they are constructive!

Make your mentality... Environmentality!
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