Tuesday, April 27, 2010

5th Show

...aired Wednesday 21 April 2010 at Midday.

We explored the wonderful topic of "community gardens", and we were lucky enough to have Ben Neil, President of the Australian City Farms and Community Garden Network and former CEO of Cultivating Community . Not bad for our first interviewee hey? Starting from the basic definition of "community garden", Ben covered the motivations, benefits and main characteristics of community gardens.

In order to keep true to our principle of "keeping the program real", we also went through a list of community gardens in the Hume and Moreland areas so that our listeners can get their hand dirty. Feel free to download the list by clicking on the list below, and do let us know if you know of other gardens that need to be added. You can do so by emailing Jaime.

List of Community Gardens in Hume and Moreland.

And you got to hear:
St Ettienne perform Let's kiss and make up
Frente perform What's come over me?
Divine Comedy perform Commuter love
Stereolab perform Pack yr romantic mind

Listen to this show!

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