Tuesday, June 15, 2010

11th Show - Alternative Technology Association

aired Wednesday 02 June 2010 at Midday.

It was our first telephone interview and it took us a while to get started, as Jaime was battling with the studio's talk-back tools. Luckily our guest, Craig Memery from the Alternative Technology Association, was very understanding.

Craig works as Energy Policy Advocate for the Alternative Technology Association and he was able to give us a good overview of the work undertaken by ATA in the energy sector.

We also had the opportunity of hear the ATA's view on what is currently being done by governments in response to Climate Change. Brief summary: They are not impressed!

A couple of days later, Craig delivered on his promise of sending us a list of upcoming events to put on this blog (see below):

- Our Hands Make Light Work (ATA IPG Fundraiser - June 17th 2010)
- Speed Dating with Sanctuary Magazine (July 17th 2)
- Designed for a Sustainable Future - Open House Day and Q&A Session in Castlemaine (July 24tg 2010)
- ATA 30th Birthday CelebrATAtion Quiz Night - August 19th @ Melbourne Bowls Club, Quiz Master Hilary Harper 774 ABC Local Radio, Tickets on sale July.

And you got to hear:

The History of Lovers by Iron and Wine with Calexico
Ne me Quitte Pas by Nina Simone (that was not intentional)
The Gardener by the Tallest Man on Earth
Giant Steps by John Coltrane
He lays in the reins by Iron and Wine with Calexico

Listen to this show!

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