Wednesday, December 1, 2010

1st December - Environmentality 'summer show'

G'day Environmentality listeners.

Today was a great show for Environmentality -- one of our most seamless in weeks. We spent the show talking to Greg Hunt, who is the Executive Officer of the South East Climate Change Alliance (SECCA). Greg talked about the role of SECCA working with eight local councils throughout Melbourne's south-east in order to develop a regional response to Climate Change.

Some highlights included Greg's work with dairy producers in Victoria to improve their resource efficiency, reducing energy, water, and landfill waste by 10-15%. Greg also mentioned SECCA's work in urban municipalities, such as the sustainable public lighting program, and a pilot program to drastically increase heating and cooling efficiency--which is a massive energy user in most households.

The topic of climate change deniers (e.g. notorious Herald Sun columnist Andrew Bolt) was also covered. Greg pointed out that these people are often motivated not by any serious skepticism; but rather a need to defend polluting industries and the status quo in society. Greg argued there will of course be short-term costs involved in transforming to a low-carbon economy, but these are infinitesimal compared to the medium to long-term environmental and economic costs of not addressing climate change.

You can download this weeks show under 'get the podcasts'. We apologise if the past few weeks shows were somewhat dull, and can assure you that we have great guests lined up for the next few weeks thanks to our new production assistant Alicia. See you again next week!

Song played today were:

'How I learned to love the bomb' by the TV Personalities
'Noise of carpet' by Stereolab
'Keith Street' by Melbourne band Oh Mercy
'Cattle and Cane' by the Go Betweens

Check out the work of SECCA here -

Listen to the show!

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