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Environmentality 27 June 2012

Dear Listeners,

It was just like old times, with the original crew Smokey and Jaime joining together to host the show.  They had the pleasure of interviewing Jarrod Sferruzzi from the Australian Student Environmental Network (ASEN).

ASEN is a network of 38 university environmental collectives across Australia.  Individual state networks also link with the collectives.  ASEN utilises a decentralized approach, whereby different networks may chose to be part of the various environmental and social justice campaigns of the network.

Jarrod talked to the presenters about the range of fantastic activities and campaigns run by ASEN.  ASEN publish a magazine whereby submissions are taken from student activities here and overseas.  They also organize fundraising activities and training workshops for students who wish to learn the nuts and blots of environmental activism.

ASEN's annual Student Environment Conference is soon upcoming on the 4th-8th of July.   This year, the theme is ‘Students of Sustainability’.  Held in Bendigo, Victoria (Dja Dja Wurrung Country), it will involve 5 days of workshops, plenary activities and sessions on environmental activism.   And its not just limited to students, anyone with an interest in environmental issues are welcome to join! 

Some of the key topics that will be explored in the conference will be climate change, forests in Tasmania and the Olympic Dam agreement.  People who wish to run their own workshops like yoga for example, can also organise them at the event itself. 

You can find out more about ASEN’s campaigns and activities on their website:

Smokey also had the opportunity to share his commentary about Victoria’s desalination plant.  Some of the current issues include high water bill pricing and overcharging, whether there was ever an actual need for the plant in the first place and poor government handling of the issue. Well worth listening to the discussion on the podcast if you missed it. 

Wonthaggi desalination plant in progress, Image by Peter Campbell

Smokey and Jaime ended the show with a quick chat about stray cat management in the Moreland City Council.  There is a proposed option of re-releasing captured strays after neutering.  Research has shown that the numbers of cats are reduced overall through this method due to the territorial dynamics of the cats.  It is  also considered a more humane way to deal with the problem.  Feel free to leave your comments on this issue, the  desalination plant or any other from the show.  Thankyou for visiting our blog!

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  1. Guys, congratulations on the show, I think you put up a great show every week even though in my opinion last Wednesday's show was not your best. Yolande, what does "Aparantely" mean? (Last paragraph)

  2. Thankyou Anonymous for leaving a comment on the show! I've removed the word 'aparantely' to avoid confusion. The point that needs to be made is that the method of re-releasing neutered stray cats is still being researched and debated.

    Best wishes. I hope you continue listening to Environmentality 98.9!

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