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Environmentality 4 July 2012

Dear Environmentality Listeners,

Today Smokey and Danielle updated listeners about Sustainability Drinks, followed by an interview with David Walker, Executive Officer of Gould League.

Sustainability Drinks Melbourne takes place on the first Wednesday of every month 6-8pm, with the fantastic combination of a guest speaker talking about sustainability, with the added bonus of, you guessed it, drinks!

Unfortunately this week Smokey and Danielle were extremely upset to be plagued by technical difficulties.  They were unable to speak to Dan Atkins who normally briefs listeners on the monthly program.  Smokey instead provided details of the Sustainability Drinks guest speaker for tonight, Peter Ho, Director of PHOOEY Architects.

PHOOEY Architects incorporate sustainability in their design practice, and are award winning in Australia and overseas.  People may know Peter Ho as a judge on ABC’s New Inventors.  To hear him speak, Sustainability Drinks are held at the Slate Restaurant Bar 9 Goldsbrough Lane Melbourne 3000.
To find out more, visit

The Gould League is a non-profit environmental organisation, started in 1909 by people concerned about the impact of habitat lost.  It commenced with a campaign to encourage children to look after wildlife, especially birdlife.  Today, the Gould League provides training and education programs and sustainability initiatives.

The environmental training programs focused in schools encompasses a range of activities like excursions, workshops and demonstrations.  The topics covered are many, including biodiversity, sustainable urban living, recycling and gardening.  There are various programs for a range of age groups, starting from early childhood.

David Walker explained to listeners that the real focus of the Gould League is in encourage people to change their lifestyles.  It is important to recognise that if one person takes action towards sustainability that it does have an impact!  The Gould League are finding that Primary School aged children are enthusiastic about changing their habits, with around 70% of families changing their habits in some way as a result of the training provided!

Gould League Program - Boys looking for worms
Gould League Program - Planting exercise

One initiative that is proving successful is the multicultural gardens program.  Recently arrived immigrants and refugees are given the opportunity to cultivate the vegetables they are familiar with from their original country of origin.  The people are already used to cultivating these foods, and are simply provided with planning, tools and other support.

There are many opportunities for people to be involved as volunteers, members or simply in providing a donation.  You can find out more on  Thankyou for reading our blog!

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