Saturday, September 11, 2010

show twenty-odd, aired 8th Sep

Jaime was a late cancellation, so we just had Smokey and Josh for his last show before heading back to England.

All coherence pretty much went out the door with Jaime, but we spun some groovy tunes, mostly selected by the young bloke & we had a bit of a chat about appropriate books. A few I can remember getting a mention include:
Silent Spring by Rachel Carson
A book from the eighties by David Suzuki, can't remember the title, and,
The Skeptical Environmentalist by Bjørn Lomborg
Then we ran out of time.

Music was good though:
Grizzly Bear played Two weeks
Otouto played W. Hillier
Ben Lee played Cigarettes will kill you
Menomena played Wet & rustling
Bis played Eurodisco
Parades played Past times
British India played Beneath the satellites
and Tim Rogers & the Twin Set played a song I forgot to write down!

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