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Environmentality 13 July 2011

Dear Environmentality listeners.

Today we spoke to De Grebner who is project manager at TreeProject. TreeProject is a non-profit community organisation dedicated to revegetating the Victorian landscape with indigenous trees, shrubs and grasses. De explained to us how the organisation works with farmers, Landcare groups, park authorities, government authorities and hundreds of volunteers to grow and supply local indigenous plants.

TreeProject relies on volunteer growers to germinate and grow local indigenous plants to supply requests for plants from farmers and Landcare groups. The seeds are obtained from local seed banks.

The TreeProject commenced in 1986 when Maggie McLeod and her friend decided to do something for the environment. They saw trees as being a symbol of life for thousands of years and by propagating and planting them they could tackle many of today’s environmental problems. With the help of friends the first plantings took place in April 1989.
The group’s vision was to plant 1 million trees. Growing about 100,000 per year they estimate they have now planted 2.2 million. TreeProject provides plants in lots of 500 for $140 plus $30 for the cost of the seeds.
Registered volunteers grow the plants after receiving a kit. The kit is made up of seven foam fruit boxes that contain all the materials for growing around 350 seedlings. A kit can fit in a car boot and can be picked up at depots in Melbourne, Geelong and Bendigo. To grow the seedlings volunteers need to provide a nice sunny spot of about 2 square metres, preferably on a raised bench. Other than time, growers need to provide the water and daily care.

There are two growing seasons; the first round commences in late November with plants ready for planting in March while the second season commences late January producing plants ready for planting in June.

Please visit the TreeProject website for more details about the organisation and information about becoming a volunteer grower. To register as a volunteer email or phone 03 9650 9477.

The program finished with a short discussion about the carbon tax with the general feeling the tax was a reasonable start to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and tackling climate change.

Today our guest also provided a great selection of music for the show. You got to hear:

  1. Parakou by Angelique Kidjo
  2. Water Dragon by Circle of Rhythm
  3. Al likindoy by Miguel Angel Corte`s
  4. Gravity by Ricky Lee Jones
  5. The Wolf Sky by Wendy Rule

Our SMS question for today was “what organisation does our guest De Grebner come from?” Anyone texting the correct answer during the show to 0447 777 989 wins a $10 voucher to the EnviroShop. Answers can also be left on the blog.

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