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Environmentality 3 August 2011

Dear Environmentality listeners.

Unfortunately the guest we had organised for today was unable to make it to the show. Instead Jaime took the opportunity to discuss some of the issues around the proposed carbon tax from the Australian Governments Clean Energy Future document “What a carbon price means for you” which many of us received in the mail yesterday. You can download this and other documents in the series from the Governments Clean Energy Future website.
At the end of the show Jaime presented a surprise guest we often hear about near the end of the show but today we invited into the studio to hear from personally.
During the week we had an email from Allison Fogarty the Shop Manager at CERES Community Environment Park, who we recently had on the show on July 6th advising us they were judging the winner of their market and shop logo competition this Tuesday with Marc Smith editor of the Moreland Leader. They are going to announce the winner at a special celebratory Market this Saturday the 6th of August. There will be live music and face painting for the kids. The market is on from 9 am to 2 pm.

The listener challenge question proposed by Jaime was “in what decade was Smokey born”? Correct answers sent by SMS during the show to 0447 777 989 receive a $10 gift voucher from the EnviroShop. Answers can also be left on our blog at

Jaime proceeded to highlight information from “What a carbon price means for you” with input from Smokey our resident economist.
Why is Australia cutting its carbon pollution?
  • Australians generate more pollution per person than any developed country.
  • Climate change is happening and risks damaging Australia’s environment and way of life.
  • The world is moving to a clean energy future.
  • The Government has a comprehensive plan to build a clean energy future which includes:
  • Introducing a carbon price.
  • Promoting innovation and investment in renewable energy.
  • Encouraging energy efficiency.
  • Creating opportunities in the land sector to cut pollution.

The proposed carbon price is $23 per ton and will be paid by 500 of our largest polluters. This provides an incentive for these companies to reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases. The tax will increase the cost of operation for these companies which will lead to increases in consumer prices such as electricity costs.
However the Government is going to use the tax to compensate many in the community so that pensioners and low to middle income people will be fully compensated for cost increases expected from the tax. These cost increases are also expected to provide a cost signal to householders to save on their bills by reducing the unnecessary consumption of electricity for instance. Millions of household will be better off when the carbon tax is introduced.

Some of the revenue from the tax will be used to fund tax cuts for millions of people. The tax free threshold is to be increased from $6000 to $18,200 which means wage earners in this bracket get to keep all their pay packet and may not need to lodge a tax return.
In general the panel felt the idea of using the carbon tax to compensate people and to fund projects to improve energy efficiency and develop renewable energy was a good way of reducing carbon pollution.
In addition to providing some economic insights behind the carbon tax Smokey also played another great selection of music during the show.
We got to hear:
  1. Harmony in my head by the Buzzcocks
  2. Cannonball by The Breeders
  3. Starbright Boy by Bis
  4. Troubled Waters by Cat Power
  5. I found a reason by Cat Power
  6. Sweet Disposition by Temper Trap
Our surprise guest was Andrew from Spending Some Time With Andrew, the show which follows Environmentality running from 1:00 to 4:30 pm each Wednesday. Andrew introduced us to his own special guest Gareth Kegan who has appeared in the Rocky Horror Show, Jersey Boys and Next to Normal. Andrew gave us some of his own environmental observations on how we are already dealing with environmental issues, such as waste, recycling and changing light bulbs.

Another great show providing some commentary on the soon to be legislated carbon tax.

Listen to the show!

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