Sunday, August 26, 2012

Environmentality 8 August 2012

Dear Environmentality Listeners,

Jaime and Yolande had the pleasure of being joined in the studio by Grahame Best, General Manager of Right Now, an organisation focused on raising the profile of human rights in Australia through the arts, media and writing.

Right Now is volunteer based and engaging of young people.  Each month Right Now invite submissions on human rights issues in Australia and publish these on their website.  Submissions include mulitmedia (eg. photography, art), opinion pieces and interviews. A large variety of human rights topics have been explored including health, indigenous peoples, asylum seekers, employment rights and many others.

In August, Right Now have the theme of Environment.  So far, Right Now have already featured many interesting opinion pieces and articles on their website.  Environmentality Listeners will greatly appreciate the content.  Right Now also have a human rights radio show Thursdays 6:630pm on 3CR Community Radio 855 AM.   Go to: for more information. 

Graham talked about how the environment is connected with human rights in specific cases (for example the Bhopal disaster in India), examples of human rights cases and the environment in Australia, the role of the arts in attracting attention towards human rights issues and more.  

Graham also talked about a number of questions raised when considering the environment and human rights.  Like how to agree on environmental measurements in order to assess when human rights have been violated? Another interesting idea, does the environment need to be considered in terms of human rights at all, rather, should the environment have its own set of independent rights? 

Thankyou very much to Grahame Best for speaking on Environmentality 98.9 FM.   If you missed the show, be sure to listen to the podcast!

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