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Environmentality, 15th May 2013

Hello Environmental Listeners,

Jaime, Ahmed and May spoke to Sarah Robertson about Issue 23 of Sanctuary Magazine: Renos and Retrofits on a budget. Sarah is the associated editor of the Sanctuary Magazine from the AlternativeTechnology Association. The alternative technology association is a not-for-profit organization providing independent advice about sustainable solutions for home owners and members. 

Issue 23, courtesy of the ATA

The Merrick house in the Mornington Peninsula is one of the houses featured in the latest issue. Having already participating in environmental sustainability through landcare works, the family sought environmental design features when the house was extended. Looking like a long thin box, the house is separated into 2 wings with the kitchen located in the middle of the house. The house is passively designed to make the most of its views and minimize the need for heating and cooling. The house faces the north, allowing the northern sun to heat the home. The house features solar panels, water tank, double glazing, sustainable timber and low volatile organic compound paint.

Sarah gave some handy tips about retrofitting kitchens and bathrooms. She recommends using as much recycled material as possible. If using recycled timber, Sarah suggest measuring how deep you would like your benches to be to ensure that your appliances will fit. If you are buying new appliances, look into run out appliances, end of season stock and energy rating.   

With new homes built to an average of 6 stars, it’s certainly good to hear about the 8 star home in the tropics that maximises the breeze to cool down the house.  

As usual we digressed and chatted about the budget, soccer and social issues. 

Sadly May is leaving us for a while as she has found a temporary position. We look forward to have May back some time soon.

To learn more about renos and retrofits on a budget and green homes, don’t forget to listen to the podcast and look at the latest issue of Sanctuary.

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