Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Environmentality 7 May 2014, Robyn Deed, ReNew Magazine

Wow, if you live in Melbourne or surrounds you would have woken to a very chilly morning today.  Just 5 in the city and much cooler on the outskirts!

Great timing to grab the latest copy of ReNew and read up on draught proofing your house.

Did you know that the average Melbourne house loses between 15-25% of its heat through cracks in floorboards, windows and doors.

There are many ways you can fix some of these draught issues; you can buy draught sealing tapes for your windows from hardware shops and they are normally pretty low cost.  You can put sausages at your doorways to stop the air that comes under the front and back door.  This is always a problem, especially in old house that move during hot and cold periods.  And let's not forget curtains, heavy drapes stop lots of hot air escaping through old windows.  Your Home is an Australian Government site on passive solar heating and is quite a good reference point for improving your energy efficiency around the house.

For those of us that can't resist the temptation to light a fire, (using reclaimed timbers of course) there was a interesting article on a burner that uses wheat pellets as an energy source.  You can also buy all purpose burners that can use corn, lentils and crushed olive pits!   Amazing.  I don't know how easy that fuel would be to source in the city but someone might like to give it a try?

 As some of you may know, community radio is under threat, yet again.  With the Federal budget being handed down in 5 days time, I urge all of our listeners and readers to get on board and join the campaign - Committ to Community Radio.  Check out the site, and join the petition to save stations like North West FM!

Thanks Robyn for choosing our tunes today:
Cowboy Junkies, Blue Moon Revisited
Boogie Wonderland, Earth, Wind and Fire
Cowboy Junkies, Sweet Jane and a selection from Ahmed
Sam Cooke, A Change is Gonna Come

To ensure to you stay clean and green - LISTEN TO THE SHOW

Next week on the show we have Jason Mundy from the Australian Antartic Division!

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