Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Environmentality 11 June 2014, Matthew O'Bryan, Kailis Bros

How great is it to have a guest on whose workplace is partnering with the WWF and one of the big two supermarket chains, Coles, to educate and influence people in making sustainable choices when they are buying seafood.

The very articulate Matthew O'Bryan, Sustainability Manager for Kailis Bros joined us in the studio, make sure you listen to the show!

Sustainability of our oceans fishstocks has been talked about for a long time.  Organisations like the AquaCulture Stewardship Council and the Marine Stewardship Council are working all around the world with local fisheries, wholesalers, retailers and the general public to rectify the near decimation of many species and the ongoing viability of the oceans ecosystem.

The killing of sharks for the highly prized shark fin sees over 10 million sharks taken every year.  As Madi Stewart (aka Shark Girl) tells us in her documentary promo, 80,000 sharks are caught legally within the Great Barrier Reef......every year!

The SeaShepherd Conservation organisation states that Blue Fin tuna stocks are down 97% in the Mediterranean from what they were in the 1900s. The Blue Fin tuna market is predominately used in sushi and sashimi and it is a worldwide $7.2 BILLION dollar industry.  Pretty hard to fight against the tide when those sorts of margins are being made.

It is not only overfishing that is having a detrimental effect on our oceans; pollution through run off from land, rubbish dropped in the street that ends up in the sea, oil spills, air pollution and climate change are just some of the things that our oceans are fighting against.

Our oceans are full of majestic and magical creatures and we can all do our bit by understanding where our seafood comes from and how it is caught.  Download the sustainable seafood guide from the Australian Marine Conservation or website before you buy.

Music played on the show today was a guest selection (thanks Matthew)

Bust by Selfdestructo
Shakedown by Tumbleweed
The Supernova that Never Quits by Powder Monkeys

Next week our favourite gardener, Jodi Jackson, is in the studio.

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