Thursday, August 14, 2014

Environmentality 14 August 2014, Graz van Egmond, Banksia Foundation

A great show on Wednesday with Graz van Egmond, CEO of the Banksia Foundation.

Graz has been at the helm for many years and is passionate about recognising organisations that are driving change and leading innovation on an environment and sustainability level.  Make sure you listen to the show.

The Banksia Sustainability Award submissions close on 19 September and with 11 categories available I am sure there is a category for the most innovative environmentalist out there!

If  Banksia's awards are not enough to sustain you, you can always get along to the Sustainability in Business Conference and Exhibition running on 15 and 16 October.

I think we sometimes have the perception that to be environmentally friendly we have to live in a one room hut, eat mung beans and protest at the cutting of lawn!  A bit far fetched, yes.  However, recognition of large corporates that are spending some of their profit improving their business, streamlining processes and efficiencies is a great way to show they are not always the devil and that environmentalism comes in many
different guises.

The music this week was Jaime's selection and it was very low key

Try by Norwegian, Sidsel Endressen and Bugge Wesseltoft
Shadows in the Rain by Sidsel Endressen
Alone in Kyoto by Air
A Walk by Tycho

Coming up on Environmentality.......

20 August - Jodi Jackson, our favourite gardening guru
27 August - The Environmental Film Festival -

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