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Environmentality 19 November 2014, Jodi Jackson, My Everyday Garden - Sensory Gardens
A Sensory Garden is one that entices you (and other creatures) to enter and enjoy the garden through the use of colours, smells, sounds, textures and tastes. Imagine bright colours, sharp and subtle contrasts, sweet smells, plants you can’t help but want to touch and feel, buzzing bees and chirping birds and mouth-watering fruits and berries hanging around you, sounds like a kind of paradise and that is the idea of a sensory garden, a paradise for the senses.

This week we spoke with Jodi and she didn’t disappoint with her expertise and advice on sensory gardens. In the studio we also got treated to some show and tell from Jodi’s garden which really highlighted the way these plants can capture your senses in a variety of ways. If you missed the show, listen to the podcast here. Some of Jodi’s advice from the show on the plants for the various senses included:
Our studio turning green...

(Grey Foliage) Salvia ‘Berggarten’, Senecio cineraria
She-oak (beware that you will need a bit of room for these. They are often used as wind breaks
Lime Geranium – Pelagonium nervosum
Kaffir Lime – Citrus hystrix
Lemon or Lime Verbena – Aloysia citrodora
Balotta pseudodictamnus
Adananthos cunninghamii
Isopogon formosus
Fruits, vegetable, herbs and edible flowers

Jaime with some Kaffar Lime
Balotta pseudodictamnus

If you would like to see more on sensory gardens then I would recommend heading to Jodi’s "Sensory Garden" Pinterest board where there are heaps of photos and examples of sensory gardens and interesting plants that would make a good addition to your sensory garden.

Don’t miss next week’s show with Liam Farrelly, Greens candidate for Pascoe Vale just 3 days out from the election. Send us any questions you would like answered.

Music tracks this week:
Daydream by Thriftworks
Starkville City Jail by Johnny Cash (guest selection)
These Days by St Vincent
All Your Gold by Bat for Lashes

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