Thursday, January 8, 2015

Environmentality 7 January 2015, Matthew Wright, CEO of Zero Emissions Australia

What a way to kick off the year! Another top-notch Australian non-profit organisation doing great things in the sphere of environmental sustainability and we were lucky enough to speak with the organisations CEO. Matthew Wright is the CEO of Zero Emissions Australia, an organisation dedicated to ensuring the sustainability of our planet for future generations and we discovered just how knowledgeable and passionate he is about his work. 

One particular focus of the show was around reducing emissions from your home with reference to space heating and cooking within the home. We discussed the most efficient options (including zero emissions options) for air-conditioners and cooktops as well as getting technical on the physics of heat transfer. To hear all the advice as well as some nerdy discussion, make sure you have a listen to the show here.

An induction cooktop
Simplified diagram of heat transfer

If you are wanting to learn more about household energy use, efficient cost-effective options for air conditioning, heating and cooking or perhaps transitioning off gas or off the grid, then you should head to Beyond The Grid is your one stop shop for reducing or eliminating your emissions (and costs) associated with your home and even your car.
The following articles have all been written by this week’s guest Matthew Wright who is also a resident columnist at Climate Spectator:

Gas death spiral will not help power utilities – The impending death of gas and the implications for power utilities is explained through a case study by Matthew on his parent’s home.
Want to get rid of the gas bill – Here’s how – Self-explanatory.

The network lobby is demonising solar, but missing the point – An interesting look at the way solar customers are being unfairly targeted as freeloaders and unfairly charged by network providers.

If you want to read more head to the Climate Spectator website.
On next week’s show we have Australian Student Environment Network (ASEN) coming in for a chat. Don’t miss it!

Music Tracks this week:
Blue Sky Mine by Midnight Oil
Beds Are Burning by Midnight Oil
Go Slow by Haim

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