Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Environmentality 6 April 2011

Dear Environmentality listeners.

It would be fair to say that today's was one of our better shows so far, we had the pleasure of speaking to two top-quality guests: the first one was Peter Lazarus, a Banksia Gardens volunteer who has recently travelled to Antarctica. We were also lucky to be able to interview the Honourable Lisa Neville, Victorian State Labor member for Bellarine and Shadow Minister for Environment and Climate Change and Shadow Minister for the Arts.

Peter described his recent trip to Antarctica and gave us an insight into the Earth's most southern continent. He explained how his trip was shortened considerably by flying first to South America before embarking on a two day boat trip to the Antarctic Peninsula from Ushuaia, the southern most city in the world. This was followed by another 10 days cruising exploring the Antarctic environment. Peter has provided us with a link to photos of his trip where you will see some of the sights and wildlife Peter observed on his trip.

Lisa Neville spoke about environmental issues facing the state including the global issue of climate change, alpine grazing, logging, desalination and public transport. She mentioned that in government Labor committed to a 20% reduction of climate change emissions by 2020 but is concerned that the current state government although agreeing to the target is not following through with actions to meet the target and seems to think this is a Federal responsibility.

There was a lively discussion of desalination after a question from Smokey. Lisa reminded us of the precarious levels water storage's had reached when the desalination project was commenced.

Hopefully we will be able to complete this round of interviews of state politicians with a representative from the Liberal Party.

And courtesy of Smokey once more, we got to hear:
  1. Bouncing Babies by Teardrop Explodes
  2. Speed Reaction by Spirea X
  3. Hold on My Heart by Sarah Blasko
  4. Seagreen Serenades by Silver Apples
  5. While you wait for the others by Grizzly Bear.
Overall an interesting and informative show if we say so ourselves :).

Listen now!

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