Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Environmentality 20 April 2011

Dear Environmentality listeners,

Today we spoke to Jacinta Cleary who is the editor of the Alternative Technology Associations ReNew magazine and Jim Green anti-nuclear campaigner at Friends of the Earth.

Jacinta gave us some general information about the ReNew magazine and also provided details about some of the articles in the current edition. ReNew has been published since 1980 and is a great resource of articles about making your home more sustainable. There are four issues per year and additional online information. ATA members are also able to download all 115 ReNew editions. The ATA also publishes the Sanctuary magazine which is about sustainable building design.

Jaime asked Jacinta about a competition being run in the April June edition where ideas are sought from readers about how to recycle TVs, e.g. as a fish bowl! We also heard about the church converting to solar. While the article “Getting the dope on hemp building” resulted in humorous comments about smoking your house we also gained an appreciation of hemp as a building material. Some interesting tips on maintaining your renewable systems in poor weather conditions; and looking after yourself. The Eco-Cubby project by regional Arts Victoria teaches kids about sustainable building design. The final article discussed was about double glazing and the benefits it provides in maintaining the temperature and energy efficiency of the home. Jacinta provided us with a great insight into the ReNew magazine highlighting its excellence as a source of information about renewable energy technologies, and sustainable systems.

Jim Green our second guest brought us up to date with developments after the Fukushima nuclear accident. There has generally been a cessation of radiation leakage from the plant. TEPCO the plant operator has outlined its immediate plans to contain the plant and then begin decommissioning which could take decades and billions of dollars. Jim felt the Fukushima accident probably means nuclear power is off the agenda in Australia for many years. Nuclear and renewable powers are of comparable price but more expensive than coal so that if we are going to decarbonise our economy, given the problems of nuclear we are better of going for renewable. Given the costs involved it is likely that the Fukushima clean-up costs will be carried by the government. Friends of the Earth are campaigning to highlight Australian mining companies’ culpability in supplying TEPCO and in the problem of nuclear weapons proliferation. After the Fukushima site is cleaned up local fishing and agricultural industries will be affected for many years.

Smokey gave us a great selection of music, we got to hear;

  1. She kissed me (It felt like a hit) by Spiritualized
  2. Life on Mars by Neil Hannon and Yann Tiersen
  3. A Forest (acoustic version) by The Cure
  4. All tomorrow's parties by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds
  5. Help! by The Damned
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