Thursday, May 19, 2011

Environmentality 18 May 2011

Dear Environmentality listeners,

Today we spoke to Jenen Taylor who is the Media Officer at the E. W. Tipping Foundation. The foundation is a prominent service provider in disability, children, youth, families and aged across Victoria. The foundation has taken significant steps to improve its environmental footprint by reducing its water energy and waste impacts through the implementation of its SustainAbility project. The organisation has been nominated for the 2011 Premiers Sustainability awards in the Community Sector.

The foundation is working with people it supports and staff to save water, energy and waste in its group homes which showed consumption figures up to three times the Victorian average. As part of the program the foundation developed a SustainAbility Star-ter Kit which is a complete tool kit of information, activities, and resources for people with disability living in group homes, and their support staff and service providers, to implement household sustainability.

An important feature of the program has been the 6 Star Accreditation Program where a house is awarded a star for signing up for the program and a star each for committing to achieve improvements in the areas of Energy, Water, Waste and Shopping, Transport and Community Involvement.

Unfortunately we did not receive an SMS answer to our listener question for the day; “What award has the E. W. Tipping Foundation been nominated this year”? So listeners stay tuned next week as there may be another question so that we can give away our remaining box of chocolates! Remember, our SMS number for questions, comments during the show is 0447 777 989.

To complete the show Jaime presented a range of interesting articles from the latest CSIRO magazine ECOS which can be viewed on the magazines website. Some of the articles mentioned included; Greenland, Antarctic ice sheets melting faster than predicted, Towards baseload solar thermal power, and Rising CO2 plants and biodiversity.

As usual Smokey presented an eclectic selection of music for the show. You got to hear;

  1. Business time by Flight of the Concords
  2. Alright by Supergrass
  3. Do you want to by Franz Ferdinand
  4. Common people by Pulp
  5. Roxanne by Katie Noonan and Kerin Schaupp
  6. There she goes by The LA’s
  7. I’m a believer by the Monkees

Next week we hope to play our guest Jenen Taylors request, something from Lady Gaga!

Listen to the show!

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