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Environmentality 11 April 2012

Dear Listeners,

Today there were four!  Smokey, Jaime and Bridget are expanding their Environmentality team to include the addition of a new co-presenter, Danielle.  Together they were thrilled to interview Denise Boyd, Campaigns Manager of the Australian Conversation Foundation (ACF) and found out more about ACF’s campaigns.

The Australian Conversation Foundation was formed in the mid 1960s, a dedicated organisation to environmental conservation and protection, focusing on rivers, trees, wetlands and oceans.  ACF also campaign on sustainability and energy, for example, against tax subsidies that encourage the use of fossil fuels.

Denise talked about ACF's Murray Darling River campaign.  Over the last century, water usage of the Murray Darling has increased by 500%. There is an urgent need for basic common sense in the management of the basin, and the need to find a sustainable flow of the river.

Upper Murray Valley, image courtesy of ACF

Recently ACF organized a public meeting in Adelaide with 500 people, including the Federal Environment Minster, to discuss the future of the Murrry Darling basin, and determine what needs to be done to restore the basin to health.   

ACF have an online submission form you can send on the Murray Darling River: https://acf.good.do/help-murray-darling/make-a-submission-to-the-murray-darling-basin-plan-2/

ACF are continuing their work towards protecting Tasmanian forests.  ACF are assisting all sides of the Tasmanian forests ‘conflict’ come to a sustainable agreement.  There have been decades of war over the forests, everyone is exhausted.   The forestry industry has also been negatively affected by a declining international market for wood chips, and communities are suffering from the downturn. 

North George River, image courtesy of ACF

ACF are hopeful that transition packages can deliver a good outcome for communities, with a newly reserved 500,000 hectares for future generations.  There is an opportunity to write to the Environment Minister on the ACF website in support of the Tasmanian Forests Intergovernmental Agreement:  http://acf.good.do/Tasmanian-forests/stop-logging-what-you-promised-to-protect/

The Environmentality team also had a lively discussion with Denise about the confusing level of commitment from various sides of politics towards climate change.  Unfortunately political views on climate change and the price of pollution are superseding the science.   Like in the case of the Liberal Victorian Government winding back the 20% carbon reduction target after coming into office. 

Yet most Australians know that we need to take action on climate change.   Denise made the very important point, that the longer we leave it, the harder it will be. Taking action is not an option, it is a given.

Thankyou to Denise for being such a fantastic guest.  Listeners, you may have a special guest you would like to hear on the show, or have a question.  Please feel free to provide feedback via this blog or SMS 0447777989.

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