Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Environmentality April 18 2012

Dear Environmentality Listeners,

Jaime and Danielle enjoyed ‘quiet conversation’ over the course of today’s show.   They discussed some current news items and also took the opportunity to reflect on the many inspiring and thought provoking interviews and radio programs aired by Environmentality in 2012. 

Firstly, Jaime commended Bob Brown on having done a ‘terrific job’ in advancing the environmental movement in Australia.   Bob Brown has been a very important figure in Australian politics.  Yes, the Greens are growing in numbers, but Jaime (who is also a Greens Party member) believes it will be tough act to follow in leadership.  We wish Bob all the best!

The team also give credit to Ted Ballieu in maintaining the mandatory 6 star energy rating scheme for new houses and renovations.   This is despite other Victorian Liberal members hoping to see the scheme scrapped.  Commentators thought it was a done deal.  In the end, common sense prevailed, as the program is about energy efficiency.   And ultimately energy efficiency is about saving money, which makes sense from a Liberal perspective!

Following from last week's discussion on the Murray Darling, the submission date for the draft Murray Darling Basin Plan has now passed.  The Murray Darling Basin Authority will now prepare a report based on the submissions made.  Let's hope for a successful outcome and a sustainable future for the Basin.  

Jaime and Danielle provided listeners with highlights of the Environmentality show from 2012.  Environmentality has been fortunate to have interviewed a number of exceptional people working in sustainability and the environment.  This has included representatives from Sustainability Drinks, Friends of the Earth, Gavin Webber (award winning blogger), Hume City Council, Engineers Without Borders, Environment Victoria, Climate Institute, Renew Magazine, Australian Conservation Foundation, Hepburn Wind and others.  A summary and a podcast can be found on all of these interviews on this blog.

As you can see, we have been busy and have grown the Environmentality team to include several volunteers.  Whilst on the topic of the blog, if you haven’t noticed already, we have attached an application to the right of this page that shows how much CO2 is in the global atmosphere.  Sustainable, safe levels are around 350 ppm, so we are well above that rate.

The Environmentality team welcomes feedback and ideas on any aspect of the radio program.  Potentially, you yourself could be a guest on the show!  SMS 0447777989 or leave a message on the blog.  

Listen to the show!

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