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Environmentality 16 May 2012

 Dear Environmentality Listeners,

What are some of your favourite films with an environmental theme? Jaime and Danielle talked about sustainability in cinema and invited listeners to share on their stand out films.  The co-presenters also enjoyed a discussion with Damian Sullivan from the Brotherhood of St Lawrence about how their organisation is responding to climate change in their programs.

There were so many films that came to mind!  Cinema has made such a significant contribution to promoting the environmental message.  Some of our favourite films:

Erin Brokovich: Erin Brokovich led a campaign against Pacific Gas and Electric Company, found to be contaminating water.
The Matrix: Sci-fi genre, robots/artificial intelligence ‘feeding off’ energy of humans in a world where environment destroyed.
Gorillas in the Mist : About Dian Fossey, who worked to study and save gorillas in Africa.
Avatar: Sci-fi genre, theme of environmental destruction, and movie portrayed a world as a living entity.
Blade Runner: Sci-fi, set in a dystopian future Las Angeles world with polluted environment, controlled  by corporates.
Star Trek IV (The Voyage Home): About the original crew going back in time to the 1980s to save humpback whales from extinction.
Finding Nemo:  Fish were affected by pollutants in the Sydney harbour, and taken out of the natural environment.  
The Day after Tomorrow: Sci-fi disaster movie looking at mitigating climate change.

Some notable documentary films:
No Logo:   Similar to Who Killed the Electric Car, looking at the deliberate effort made by motor companies to make people reliant on cars. By Naomi Klein.
An Inconvenient Truth: The Al Gore classic! We are reminded of Gavin Webber (who we interviewed recently), who after watching this film transformed his life in a very green way. See his blog:
Plasticized:  By Michael J.Lutman.  About a location in the Pacific ocean where plastic waste is gathering on a large scale.
Fast Food Nation: About the horrors of the meat producing industry in the fast food market.  Jaime as a meat eater was particularly disturbed!

Banksia Gardens are continuing their green film night program.  Some upcoming films include Garbage Warrior, Who Killed the Electric Car and I Bought a Rainforest.  You can find out more on the Hume City Council Green Workshops and film nights:

Jaime and Danielle spoke with Damian Sullvian, Senior Manager of the ‘Equity in Response to Climate Change Program’ of the Brotherhood of St Laurence.

The Brotherhood of St Laurence is a community welfare organization that works across Australia.  Their focus areas are in employment, aged care, youth and children.   Their interest in climate change is not standard for a welfare organization, however the Brotherhood having been addressing climate change in their programs for at least the last four years.

It has been important to plan for the future.  Research has shown that climate change could affect the programs of the Brotherhood of St Laurence in events such as heat waves, extreme storms and food crises.  This is particularly pertinent for vulnerable people and households on low incomes.  For example, they may not have insurance and not be in a position to afford repairs of their house or car if damaged by a natural disaster.

The Brotherhood also run energy efficiency programs, assisting households make changes to help them save electricity and money. They even help facilitate the recycling of… fridges!   They have helped audit and retrofit 700 households to date,  that includes all the standard fare such as changing shower heads and light globes.  They are looking into upscaling this program, and are working with the government to identify training options and opportunities for expansion.

It was a very engaging discussion, a podcast of the show should be available shortly.  We hope you will tune in next week!

Listen to the show!

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