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Environmentality 9 May 2012

Dear Environmentality Listeners,

It was a full house, with co-presenters Smokey, Jaime and Bridget hosting the show supported by Danielle.  The crew had the privilege of speaking to Hugh Wareham, CEO of Eco-Buy about sustainable procurement, and also enjoyed a lively chat about some current environmental concerns making the news.

Eco-Buy helps organisations and companies buy goods and services they really need, taking into account the environment.  Hugh explained that around 80% of an organisation’s impact on the environment is about the 'things they purchase'.  So in trying to be more sustainable, procurement is obviously the right area to target!

The team spoke with Hugh about perceptions that sustainable products are more expensive.  In many cases the initial price is higher, but over the lifespan of the product, savings can be made.  Energy efficiency is becoming a well known case in point.   Also, changing economies of scale mean that sustainable products are becoming cheaper, for example many people would be aware that recycled paper has become more affordable.

Hugh Wareham, CEO, image courtesy of Eco-Buy
Many organisations are choosing to be more sustainable to actually save money.  They are concerned about rising energy costs, compounded by the impending price on carbon.  In other cases, Jaime raise the point that many savvy consumers will be prepared to spend more on a product if they are equipped with the correct information as to why it is environmentally friendly. 

Eco-Buy offers a range of training options and support services, and has a large client base situated in the government sector.  Eco-Buy also helps consumers choose products that are independently verified as environmentally friendly, and have contacts that assist both suppliers and consumers meet their needs.  You can find out more on their website

Later the Environmentality team had a chat about why Australians should revisit drinking recycled water, issues surrounding the Victoria desalination plant, the price on carbon taking effect on the 1st of July, and more! If you missed the show you will be able to listen to the podcast.

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