Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Environmentality- 16th January 2013

Dear Environmentality listeners,

First of all, we’d like to extend our apologies for some of the technical difficulties experienced at the start of the show but we managed to persevere nonetheless! Also apologies for the late blog, we had some problems uploading the podcast but that’s all fixed now!

Once again we had our wonderful resident gardening expert, Jodi Jackson in to discuss helpful tips for seed saving. According to Jodi, the art of seed saving is a great, cost effective way to grow your own plants. Now it isn’t as hard as it sounds because plants are naturally designed to set seeds and by saving those seeds you’re not only helping your hip pocket but also helping to keep plant diversity alive. 

Harvesting seeds can be tricky but there are many different ways to do it. Take for example, Kale. Part of the cabbage family, Jodi was able to share with us that she harvests its seeds by ripping the leaves off.

Some important things to remember about harvesting seeds are: