Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Environmentality- 23rd January 2013

Dear Environmentality Listeners,

We would like to apologies for the delay in the blog, we appreciate your patience and are hoping to get things back on track within the next week or so!

Today we were suppose to have Sean Willmore from The Thin Green Line Foundation, unfortunately due to some administrative error we mixed up the date and were unable to talk to Sean today. However we do look forward to having Sean on the show in the near future!

Instead Smokie, Jaime and Ahmed talked about a range of issues and as usual managed to get side tracked.

The Desalination Plant came up again with recent decision by the Baillieu government to not use the water unless under extreme conditions. Citing Kenneth Davidson, Jaime and Smokey highlight that it would be easy to reconfigure the desalination plant to recycle water. A link to one of Kenneth’s articles can be found here

The misconception of the health impacts of drinking and using recycled water was further discussed as Ahmed inquired as to why we are not using more recycled water when other countries are already doing it! Lifting the water restrictions and Melbourne’s water consumption continues to be a debatable topic as Jaime contentiously suggest that we should have permanent water restrictions, what do you think about Jaime’s suggestion?

It was good to reflect on Barack Obama’s inauguration speech and his commitment to climate change despite the dysfunctional situation in the current US political system. Gun control in the US and America’s love of guns was further discussed as Obama starts his campaign to rein in gun use in light of the series of deaths involving guns.    

We continued to digress by talking about Julia Gillard’s appointment of Indigenous and former-Olympian Nova Peris as the lead candidate in the Labour Party’s Northern Territory Senate seat.    

A link to today's podcast can be found here.

Tracks played today:
Buzzcocks- Whatever Happened To?    
Th’ Faith Healers UK- Sparkling Chimes
The Pixies- Allison
The Pixies- Blown Away
The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra- The System
The Temper Trap- This Isn’t happiness

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