Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Environmentality, 10th April 2013

Unfortunately our guest, John Merory, was unable to come in today as he was ill. Instead Smokey and Ahmed chatted about the politics, carbon emissions trading and the role of the media.  

With the need to understand disciplines such as economics, international politics and climatology, it’s easy to see the complexities involved in carbon emissions trading and difficulties for the people in making political judgments based on competition systems of thought.  The need for a ‘balanced’ debate in the media has contributed to difficulties in the climate science discussions, blurring the sense of ‘experts’.    

We also managed to call Jaime and got a glimpse into how the radio show works.

Tracked played:
Love- You set the scene
Lust- Mad love
Joy Division- So many (live)
Amnesia- Dead can dance
Ainslie Wills- Stop pulling the string

Listen to the podcast here!

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