Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Environmentality, 24th April 2013

Today we have Geoff Porter, Mayor of the Hume City Council dropping by to chat about the Hume Horizons 2040 strategy. Hume Horizons 2040 enables local people to have their say about how Hume will grow. From improving transport links, more bicycle paths, plantings, open spaces, One Direction to a beach; you can have your say by post cards located at council office or the library, council website and online discussion forum.
Courtesy of Hume City Council 

ABC News released that Australia’s population has grown to 23 million and world population of 7 billion. With the way we currently use our resources and consumption per head of the population, do we keep growing our population or is transiting to aging population inevitable? Is the answer growth? With limited policies that are possible, do you agree with Jaime’s suggestion to try to discourage growth by removing some of the incentives such as the baby bonus? To read the article click here

In light of the news of the collapse of the Europe Union carbon price, the potential impacts to Australia’s carbon trading scheme was discussed, leading to more discussions of politics, the fall of Labor, increasing popularity of Liberals and decline in the Greens influence.     
Furthermore, this week we heard about the announcement of a new coal mine located in Galilee Basin, central QLD by GVK Hancock. To listen to the audio click here

Tracks played:
Ask- The Smiths
Hands will cradle- Oh Mercy & Nadia Omar
You’ll never walk alone- Gerry and the pacemakers
Ghost- The Presets

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