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Environmentality, 26th June 2013

Hello Environmentality listeners,

After some technical difficulties, we finally got into contact with Cam Walker from Friends of the Earth. Friends of the Earth is a membership based organization that engages in environmental issues. Friends of the Earth integrate human rights with environmental issue to try to achieve good outcomes for both the community and environment. Active around the world, Friends of the earth has groups in more than 70 countries. We chatted to Cam about climate change refugees, the east-west tunnel and wind power politics.

Courtesy of Friends of the Earth 

The current UN convention for refugee classifies refugees as people affected by War. However the Friends of the Earth believe that there is another category of refugees the convention overlooks; people forced from their homes due to climate change. Many of the climate change refugee comes from low lying countries and islands that are particular vulnerable to any changes to their climate due to their on agriculture and fishing industries. Furthermore, many of these countries also do not have the resources to adapt to the impacts of climate change. “They are in the front line"; it will be the some of the poorest people in the world that will be greatly impacted. The majority of global warming created by rich nations, and as such it is this carbon debt that is causing the problem. Hence it is reasonable that developed nations accept their responsibilities and start planning for climate change refugees. Rather than rewriting the current UN refugee convention, Cam highlights that a new agreement should be created.

With the Chinese shift towards renewable energies and Obama’s recent statement about climate change, is it possible that there is a global shift towards global collaborative climate change action? It may be too early to say at the moment, but signs are definitely hopeful. With China and the US taking a stronger position on climate change, is it likely that other nations will now be willing to take action?

We quickly also chatted to Cam about the east-west tunnel. Money should be invested into improving public transport and supporting people reliance on public transport. To read Kenneth Davidson’s article that was mentioned on the show, click here.  Cam shares Environmentalities sentiment about the lack of government supporting wind power; the current state government’s laws excluding wind energy and preference for coal over renewable energies.

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