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Environmentality, 28th August 2013

Hello Environmentality listeners,

We were excited to have Selma, Daniel and Kristy from Aitken College and Kim, Dylan, Sama, Zarine, Nadine and Evan from Roxburgh Rise Primary School to talk about their environmental programs.

Aitken College is a 5 star ResourceSmart Sustainable School. Aitken, one of the first to receive 5 stars, is renowned for their environmental programs across both primary and secondary sectors. From composting, vegie gardens, recycling bins, solar panels and wetlands, all classes are involved in some form of sustainability at Aitken. The student green team help to run and coordinate the environmental actions around the school with year 12 environmental captains elected each year.

It was clear that the students were very proud of Aitken’s environmental achievements, the rejuvenation of the wetland with native plants in particular; it was evident that a lot of research, time and effort had been placed on the wetlands. Aitken’s environmental programs and achievements have become a part of their identity, something which the students and school embraces. The benefits of these environmental programs are that students not only have a greater understanding of their environmental impacts, but also knowledge that there are environmental considerations in all fields. More significantly, students have learnt about living at home with greater environmental consciousness and passing this knowledge onto their families.  

Aitken’s environmental week, an expo of their environmental programs is from 16th to 20th of Septembers. Tuesday the 17th will also be a working bee for parents, families and community members in the afternoon.

We then played a prerecording of Jaime and Amy’s interview at Roxburgh Rise Primary School.

Roxburgh Rise is a 4 star ResourceSmart school and are currently in the process of obtaining their 5th star. Kim (visual arts teacher and one of the environmental leaders) explains that it is an ongoing process of embedding environmental sustainability into the school culture. The school looks to engage the whole school community, the students taking what they have learnt home to their families. There has been a better appreciation for environment, awareness of the impacts of landfill, and awareness that we all need to do our parts. The program has helped to unify the culturally diverse school as “we all understand what it means to look after the environment”.

Sustainability action team: Dylan, Sama, Zarine, Nadine and Evan, helps other students to be more environmentally friendly by encouraging everyone to pick up the rubbish, turn off the lights and to compost. Roxburgh Rise environmental programs are diverse, from use of natural lighting, thermostats in classrooms, collecting water from drinking taps to be used in the gardens, to planting indigenous plants and rubbish free lunches every Wednesday.   

Upcoming projects: rainwater garden and becoming a 5 star school

To listen to the show and hear more about Aitken College and Roxburgh Rise Primary School, listen to the podcast.

Thanks to all out guest today!

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