Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Environmentality 23 October 2013, Rob Slaney, Global Climate Change Music Project

Amazing interview today with Rob Slaney who is the man with the idea and the motivation behind Global Climate Change Music Project.

The skill involved in getting 193 musicians from 193 countries to contribute an original piece of music to raise the awareness of climate change is truly inspiring.

You can hear a small sample of some of this incredible music by listening to the show and once you have sampled I am sure you will want more, which you will find by visiting Rob's site

Using music to raise community awareness is not a new conception, remember Bob Geldof back in the mid 80s.  It is however, not an easy feat to reach communities when you don't have the monetary backing as Bob did.  

Congratulations to Rob for sticking with his dream and I ask all of our listeners to download the show and get behind

The C words are not going to disappear in our lifetime, it is obvious to all but a few in Canberra. We can all contribute in a micro way to minimising the impact we have on our environment.  Join the movement, talk to your kids, your neighbours and your friends about how you can reduce your footprint.  If you can't invent an emission free fuel source, below area few ways you reduce your greenhouse footprint at home

1. Change your light bulbs to energy efficient ones
2. Choose green electricity from your electricity provider
3. Turn your heating down 1 notch and shut the doors to the rooms you are not using.
4. Use fans instead of airconditioning 
5. Turn your appliances; TVs, coffee machines off, don't leave them on standby

these are just a few there are so many more ways you can make a difference, let me know what you can think of.

Next week we have Sandy Dudakov from Fareshare

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