Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Environmentality 9 October 2013, Robyn Deed, ReNew Magazine

Today's show may have only run for 24 minutes, but it was still the high quality broadcast you have become accustomed to!

Thank you to Robyn Deed, Editor of ReNew magazine for her patience in waiting for us to be 'on air' and then for the speed interview Jaime conducted on the latest edition of ReNew,  A fantastic magazine where even the adds are interesting and worth reading.

You can, of course, LISTEN TO THE SHOW, and any of our previous shows via our podcasts, which are on the right hand side of the page.

We did seem to talk a lot about excrement today, but it wasn't all wee and poo.  Jaime has disclosed his fetish of solar cars and the world solar challenge that is on at the moment, which starts in Darwin and finishes in Adelaide and has 40 teams from 23 different countries competing.

It seems that the market for green roofs is on the increase.  Wouldn't it be lovely to see living green rooftops as we traverse our 'burbs instead of the horrid endless black tiles that we see now?  It is said that a green roof reduces heating and cooling costs, provides food and shelter for our little friends, provides cleaner stormwater runoff and look great.  If you are thinking of renovating, rebuilding or starting from scratch there are so many sites offering great information on sustainable energy efficient homes,

Next week on the show we have our resident gardener Jodi Jackson.

We only managed one song on the show today - Martha Wainwright, Seven Year Itch from the Come Home to Mama album

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