Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Environmentality 11 December 2013, Amy Middleton, Australian Geographic

Ever wanted to know what the top ten most dangerous animals in Australia are? What about most dangerous snakes and spiders?  And let's not forget about the legendary Drop Bear.  It seems that this is what most visitors from overseas are obsessed with and quite a few of us that live here too!

Amy Middleton, Online Editor from Australian Geographic was kind enough to join us on Environmentality where we also discovered that Jaime is not too keen on spiders and gets a bit sweaty thinking about sharks! Well he is not the only one.

Check out the Australian Geographic website for the most dangerous top 10 in all sorts of categories.

Aurora Borealis (northern lights)
Aurora Australis
The show was not all about being scared and looking out for wild and creepy creatures. There was much discussion about campsites, photographers, the northern and southern lights also known as the aurora borealis and aurora australis.

Now is the time to be out and about enjoying the sunshine, grab your tent, and head off, there are so many great places to explore and lots of them are free    

If you fancy yourself as a photographer take some snaps and send them into the Australian Geographic competition, mind you after looking at some of the entries, the competition is fierce.

It wasn't a great week for one part of our beautiful country.  The Ranger Uranium mine had a toxic spill from it's leach tank of 1,400 cubic metres of uranium oxide slurry and acid.  It is not great news for the area as the Ranger mine sits within the boundaries of the world heritage area of Kakadu.  Kakadu has a tough enough battle dealing with cane toads, cattle, buffalo and tourism let alone environmental disasters like this. 

We debuted music from our very own Rachel Wood, with a couple of her own compositions and a beautiful cover of Kylie's Hand on Your Heart, make sure you listen to the show!  Unfortunately you can't buy any of Rachel's music yet, stay tuned for any updates.

Other music played on the show was Only One from the John Butler Band and a song from Sarah McDermott.

Next week is the last show of the year so we will be celebrating with our gardening guru Jodi Jackson.

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