Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Environmentality 18 December 2013 - Christmas Feasts


Well Environmentalitists that dreaded day is nearly upon us!  Ho, Ho, Ho I can hear you all roaring.

I feel I must confess, I am one of those people that has a house that looks like a spaceship and prepares weeks before for the feast of a lifetime.  Not very environmental or sustainable but the kids love it (big and small) and there are not too many days in the year where you get to sit and eat and sit and eat some more!

We had the lovely Jodi Jackson in the studio today.  As always the conversation was easy with a few tips from Jodi on how to keep red spider mites out of the garden and how to stop your passionfruit producing all green leaves and no fruit.

We heard about some mouthwatering spanish delights from Jaime's homeland and how the Christmas celebration in Espana never ends.  Make sure you listen to the show to get Jodi's berry vanilla panna cotta recipe

Wherever you are and whatever you eat over the festive season be it dining on dry salted cod, coloured rice, pickled veg and herring, lamb biryani, roast pork and veg or boiled potatoes and sake we at the team of Environmentality wish you all a safe Christmas and New Year.

A big thank you to all our guests who have given their time so generously over the year.  To our loyal listeners we look forward to you tuning in again on 8 January 2014.

It was a Brazilian music fiesta today with music from Caetano Veloso, Roger Carlos and Pedro Guerra and we finished the show with a song from Sydney band Alpha Mama, If Ya Goni Lie

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