Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Environmentality 12 March 2014, Fiona Corke, Macedon Ranges Wildlife Network

Thank you Fiona, for joining us on Environmentality.  It was great to hear about all the hard work being done by the Macedon Ranges Wildlife Network and the very generous carers and shelters in the Macedon area.

The Macedon Ranges Wildlife Network is not government funded, which is the case for many wildlife rescuers, and are completely reliant on fundraising and donations.

There are over 300 registered wildlife shelters in Victoria over 300 registered carers, and do they have their   their work cut out for them. They are busy at the best of times but when we have periods of extreme heat and then severe grass fires they are quickly inundated with calls to help displaced, burnt and injured animals and then they need to find somewhere to house them. Please take a look at the Macedon Ranges website and if you have capacity maybe help them out with a donation.

It is not only extreme weather conditions that impact on our native animals.  As the urban sprawl slowly but surely spreads to our rural areas it brings with it cars and with that comes much more traffic, domestic animals like cats that hunt native birds and small marsupials and dogs that are a menace to koalas and kangaroos.  As more and more farmland is sold off  and turned into smaller acerage blocks that means more fences which are not ideal for kangaroos, especially when there are grass fires.

According to the Australian Wildlife Conservancy more than 1,500 native birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and plants are facing extinction and that is not including the 200 mammals that have already disappeared in the past 200 years!

Australia has some of the most amazing fauna and flora in the world and we can all do our part in protecting it, just by planting native gardens, putting water out for our birds and bees and making sure our pets are not allowed to roam and menace native wildlife.

Unfortunately, due to a technical glitch in the studio I am unable to bring you the podcast of today's show. Hopefully we will be able retrieve it from gremlins in the studio server later this week.

Music played this week was from some artists that played at the Port Fairy Folk Festival

Ben Salter, Treamulous
Breabach, Urlar
Beccy Cole, Sorry I asked and
Whitaker, Wichita - who did not play at the festival!

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