Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Environmentality 5 March 2014, Greg Barber MLC

Our fellow community members of Morwell were on our minds today as they head into their 4th week of breathing black smoke that contains all sorts of pollutants.

Greg Barber MLC who is a Greens Senator was kind enough to spare 15 minutes of his time, to take us through the scenario in Morwell.  To hear more of what Greg had to say about the situation in Morwell - Listen to the Show

Coal mine fires such as Morwell are not a common occurence, however they can be quite difficult to extinguish, hence that three and half weeks later the residents of Morwell still being inundated with smoke.    There is an coal mine in Jharia, India that has been burning since 1916!  Take a look at the video National Geographic aired last year, it is fascinating.

From one type of inhalation to another, did you know that one third of the one billion items of litter entering Melbourne’s waterways each year are cigarette butts?  Cigarette butts can can take up to 15 years to break down. 

The good news is that an American waste collection company, TerraCycle, have come up with the technology to be able to recycle cigarette butts. Amazing and true.  Australia has become the ninth nation to sign up to with TerraCycle, enabling Australians to send their butts to TerraCycle via Australia Post free! Have a look at the TerraCycle website, it is really great and while you are there download the barcode. 

We ran with an African theme on the show today with music from:
From the Congo; Papa Wemba & Viva La Musica, Kaokokorobo
African/American, Erykah Badu, On and On and The Apple Tree
Somalian; Farxiya Fisk, Dhamac Jaceyl

Next week on the show we have the Macedon Ranges Wildlife Network

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