Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Environmentality, 26 February 2014, Robyn Deed, Editor, ReNew Magazine

We say it every time Robyn is on the show, but how good are the adds in ReNew magazine?!  It is the only magazine where you don't skip over them.

This issue of Renew (Jan - March) is as always full of great articles and information.  The feature articles this quarter are focused on sustainable travel.  Quoting my co presenter John, 'the most sustainable travel is to stay at home' but really when you can pack up the car or bike and tent why would you? Listen to the show to find out how easy it is.

The beauty of a subscription to ReNew or its sister mag Sanctuary is that it's value for money (and not much money) and you can choose to get it in magazine form,or on line. Vavoom, saving the environment in one easy click. Check out their website ReNew.

John and Jaime talked briefly today about the East-West tunnel works and the huge impact it is going to have on our fellow Melbournians' especially those living in suburbs like Clifton Hill, Collingwood, Parkville and Kensington.  The current government seems determined to turn our beautiful city into a carpark with no thought for the health impacts of those living under flyovers and next to exit tunnels and ramps.

All is not lost yet, head out to the Royal Park Festival, March 1, to celebrate all the great things about Royal Park.  If you feel inspired to do more, the Yarra Campaign for Action of Transport is a great site with lots of information on how you can get involved.

Music played today
The Dead Salesmen, No One Fell in Love with Nothing
Elvis Costello/Burt Bacharach, Painted by Memory
The Mavis', Puberty Song
Snout, Get in the Car

Next week on the show, Greg Barber MLC will be giving us the lowdown on what's really happening at the Hazlewood power station fire.

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