Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Environmentality 12 February 2014, Dr Tim Read, Moreland Greens

Is there a Dr in the house? Yes there was, two in fact.  Lucky us.

On Environmentality this week it was all about politics and to make sure we got the facts right we invited Dr Tim Read, Moreland Greens member, former Greens candidate for Wills who is now running for preselection in the seat of Brunswick!  He is a very busy man, and Tim, we do appreciate you taking the time to cycle out to our studios in Hadfield.

The topics covered today were everything from getting involved in a political party, exercise or lack there of it within our community, manufacturing and the EastWest link just to mention a few.  Make sure you Listen to the Show!

It is endlessly fascinating to me that neither major parties in Australia have embraced the science and technology capabilities we have.  When you chance across stories like the one in Sustainable Business about a carpet manufacturer that is heading towards zero emissions and impact on the environment by 2020, it really makes you wonder when our government is going to get behind and start supporting clean, green alternatives. We don't need to be brain surgeons to guess that the company I am referring to are are European.  Of course they are!  Tony Abbott and the party he leads seem to be steering us down the path of no return with a reliance on big polluters to keep our economy moving.  But I digress to something more palatable.

It is great to see that the Drs' in the house practice what they preach with regards to moving away from a reliance on cars to get around.  Melbourne has quite a good network of bike lanes and paths that connect our city and suburbs.  Have a look at the Bicycle Network website it has lots of great information about organised bike rides and all the bike networks that connect around town.  There is also Map My Ride which has detailed downloadable routes which also detail the terrain and all those hills you may need to have extra fuel for.  You can also add your own rides to this site too.

Music played today was

Weddings Parties Anything, Fathers Day
Josh Pyke, Middle of the Hill
Katy Steele/Paul Kelly, This Mess We're in

Next week on the show we will be talking gardening with Jodi Jackson

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