Monday, February 24, 2014

Environmentality 19 February 2014, Jodi Jackson, Everyday in the Garden

It was great to have Jodi back in the studio after a long absence.  Summer has almost left us and it is now time to start thinking about what to plant in our autumn gardens.

Jodie was telling us how important it is to keep adding organic matter and compost to your patches, and talked through a great diagram The Soil Food Web which shows the relationships between soil, organic matter, birds and mammals.

It is a great time to sow seeds for brussel sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, lettuce, rocket, beetroot, carrots, onions to name just a few.  The Shed Online has a good range of information and videos for getting your autumn planting started.  There are plenty of good websites offering simple, practical advice on vegie gardening, maybe have a look at Yummy Gardens too.

Jodi has also been busy helping with all the displaced wildlife from the recent fires in Wallan, Kilmore and surrounds.  Our native animals suffer so badly in these fires, along of course with farmed animals.  The wildlife shelters are calling out for donations of sleeping bags, blankets, surgical dressings and much more. Listen to to the show to hear a more details of exactly what they need.

Environmentality wouldn't quite be the same without John, our fiery environmentalist, who this week bought to our attention Dick Warburton, climate change sceptic, who has been appointed to review Australia's renewables, read the article for yourself

John mentioned a short film called Midway about the plight of the magnificent Albatross, it is only 3 minutes long but you will definitely need your tissues Midway Island

Find out what else was on John's mind by listening to the show!

Music played today
Alice Cooper, Schools Out
Bernard Fanning, Ground Around You

Hope you can join us again on 26 February, with Robyn Deed from Renew Magazine

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