Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Environmentality 5 February, 2014 Hume Environmental Champions

It was such a relaxed and casual show today.  We had two lovely guests returning to the studio; Caroline Overbeek, Environment Community Development Officer, Hume City Council and Lee Scott, Environmental Champion with a passion for our native bees and making sure they have somewhere to safe to live. You can listen to the show here..

The Hume Environmental Champions has been running for three years and Lee has been involved for the last two.  Lee has amassed has over 250 like minded native bee enthusiasts to promote the plight of our native bees by building hotels for them to ensure their survival.  Mercedes Ramirez has written a beautiful story, A Hotel for Polly,  which is a great way to explain to kids all about our bees and how much we need them.

The Champions project has had great success in building and strengthening the community of Hume.  Apart from all the bee enthusiasts, the Lemon Tree Project and the Sunbury Organic Food Coo-op are another couple of great examples of community coming together.  

If you live in the Hume area and have an interest in the environment why not get involved and become an Environmental Champion.  You don't need any experience or even a project in mind, just give Caroline a call - 9205 2310

There are so many living green festivals happening now and over the coming weeks.  Some you may like to check out if you are in the Melbourne area are:

Woodend Sustainable Living Festival, this Saturday 8 February
The Seymour Alternative Farming Expo, weekend of 14 Feb, running since 1991 it might appeal to the urban farmer in you.
The Sustainable Living Festival - 8 to 23 February with so many things happening you will be in a spin.
Sunfest now in its 38th year, held on the weekend of 15 March

If you like so many others are perplexed and completely outraged by the Western Australian governments' decision to cull sharks that happen to be cruising too close to the beach you can join an on-line petition and add your own personal message to Colin Barnett, go to the Conservation Council of WA and lodge your objection.

Music played on the show today

Joan As Police Woman, The Classic from The Classic Album
Kevin Walton, Like the Sun from the album Momentum
Joe Geia, The Mosquito Dance from the Injidda Bygun Nunga Koori and Murri Love Album
Coloured Stones, Dark Seed

Don't miss next weeks show - Tim Read,  The Greens

Make Sure You Listen to the Show!

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